Quick Programming Note + Open Thread

Just a quick note to let everyone here know that our Work Symposium, scheduled to begin tomorrow, will instead start a week from tomorrow, on Monday, June 16.  We’ve gotten some submissions already from a few of you, but more are always welcome.

Also, here’s an awesome video by Ok Go:

I’ve watched this a bunch, and it never ceases to amaze me.  Whoever made that Rube Goldberg contraption is kind of a genius. It’s timed so well that the spoons playing glasses actually play part of a prerecorded song at the exact moment they’re supposed to.  The fact that all the OkGo band members have paint at the beginning suggest it wasnt done in the first take, but still…

Other than that, talk about whatever.

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8 thoughts on “Quick Programming Note + Open Thread

  1. From time to time software I have written resembles this. Usually — but not always — followed by tossing it and starting over. Amazing how long some software kludges, pasted together by the seat of the pants, where the best you can say about them is that they work, however inefficiently, last.

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