What Is It?

Cleaning out the back of a very high top closet shelf we’d never explored before, Johanna found these.
Does anyone have any idea what they are? They look like a type of hanger, but how would they work, by hanging on two poles? Are they something else entirely?

(If you can’t read the tape measure, they’re about 20″ in length.)

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11 thoughts on “What Is It?

  1. Just a wild guess, but maybe they’re for hanging a jacket and slacks to dry. They would hang between two adjacent clotheslines mounted at the ISO standard ( ;-P ) spacing of 18 inches.

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      • Definitely looks like pine, not cedar. (Cedar, btw, will smell of cedar if you lightly sand or scratch it.)

        I’m wrong about the wooley board; a fine Scottish invention, btw.

        I think it’s part of a valet stand; for hanging a suit overnight, brushing out, etc. For an example, look at how the valet cares for Lord Grantham’s wardrobe in scenes from Downton Abbey. The bend arms would go over hooks on the stand, which would hold the clothing stable for brushing, a more modern hanger would swing and sway. The top for pants, the bottom for a jacket/coat.

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