It’s All Part Of My Football Fantasy

The winners from last year's tournament.

The winners from last year’s tournament.

I’ve set up our fantasy football league again this year. A few tweaks:

1) We’ll be organized into two divisions if we have more than 12 or more teams.

2) WR’s are slightly less important this year. Reception yards are now 10 yards per point. 0-9 yards = no points; 10-19 yards = 1 point; etc. Reception touchdowns are now 4 points, plus one point for the reception.

If you want to join, set your browser to Last year’s players have been e-mailed invitations, so look out for that. I suppose we could set up a second league if there is enough interest, but let’s see how this one goes.

Draft day is August 23, 2014, at noon Pacific time. Why Pacific time? Because I’m in the Pacific time zone, that’s why. If that’s the biggest inconvenience you have to deal with, put your list together well and autopilot the draft.

So sign up with the league, start your stat-crunching, set up your draft list, and let’s get ready for some gridiron!


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