We haven’t done any recreational math for a while. As a change of pace, instead of the division problems we’ve done in the past, here’s a multiplication problem. The usual rules for this kind of cryptarithm apply:

  • Each letter represents one of the digits 0-9.
  • Different letters represent different digits.
  • There are no leading zeros, so in the problem below we know right away that A, C, D, and FG are not zero.

Unlike many examples of these, if you put the letters for 0-9 in order, it won’t spell anything.

      A B C
 x    D E F
    G H I C
  G E G B

Please ROT13 any solutions, so others can keep playing.

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24 thoughts on “Multiply!

  1. God love you all, but the phrase ‘recreational math’ lands on my brain in roughly the same way as ‘salubrious torture’. It just doesn’t (wait for it) add up.

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  2. N rfgn frvf, O abguvat, P vf n unaqshyy, Q ahra, R fvqrjnlf vasvavgl, S vf yhpxl, T n fdhner, U vf pbzcnal, V vf n pebjq, naq W havgl.

    Vg jnf zhpu rnfvre bapr V ernyvmrq gung P unq gb or svir naq O mreb. Nsgre gung V fnj gung R jnf rira, S naq Q bqq, naq gung Q jnf bar zber guna R. Gura fnj N k Q ybbxrq yvxr vg unq gb or svsgl fbzrguvat juvpu znqr N naq Q rvgure fvk naq 9 be 8 naq 7. Nyy sryy vagb cynpr sebz gurer.

    Thanks for the puzzle, I lurves puzzles.

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