Spizzenergi – Where’s Captain Kirk?

As I’ve mentioned recently, I have a lot of fond memories of Star Trek:TOS.

I also have some fondness for songs ABOUT ST:TOS.

(Surprisingly, there’s more than one.)

Up top, Spizzenergi with their 1979 punk/new wave classic, “Where’s Captain Kirk?”

Next, some Trekkery of more recent vintage; completely ridiculous and infernally catchy, this could almost be a belated answer song to Spizzenergi’s query. Not only does it tell us WHERE he is, but WHY he’s there:

Fall On Your Sword – Shatner of the Mount

If you thought that was ridiculous, THIS nonsense went to number one in the UK for two weeks in 1987:

The Firm – Star Trekkin’

I must have heard this lovely song dozens of times before it dawned on me that “Spook” was a play on “Spock”, despite the lyrics’ repeated plaintive assertion “You have another eyelid”.

Galaxie 500 – Spook

The song of course refers to the events of “Operation: Annihilate!”, in which Spock appears to be blinded by bright light, only to recover due to the late reveal of a quirk of Vulcan physiology – a nictitating membrane protecting his eyes; and “The Naked Time” (no, not like you are thinking) in which the crew encounters a chemical infection that acts much like alcohol, affecting judgement and lowering inhibitions, causing the stoic Spock to weep over his mixed-species status and inability to openly express love; and “Amok Time” (among others), in which Spock smiles.

When you went blind
And I nearly lost my mind
It didn’t last
Cause you have another eyelid

And when you smile
Then you give yourself away
It’s all too much
And you have another eyelid

But when you cry
Then I know we are in trouble
It’s all too much
And you have another eyelid

This one is a cheat, since it refers to TNG instead, but I can’t deny its Buzzcocks-descended catchiness:

Dickies – Make It So

The reference here isn’t horta figure out:

No Kill I – No Kill I

Honorable Mentions, for songs that refer to Trek, but aren’t specifically about it: Nena, “99 Luftballoons”; Information Society, “What’s On Your Mind”; Beastie Boys, various (pop-culture nerds like the Beasties couldn’t help but hit the Trek well more than once.)

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  1. Also Banditos by The Refreshments although it refers to Jean Luc Picard and the UFP but isn’t all about trek. Good song though.


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