Bacon Brittle


Step Zero: bake six strips of bacon until they’re really super crispy. Steps One and Two are here. Add the bacon at the same time you add the peanuts. Step Three: wonder why it seems like you’re gaining weight.


Burt LikkoBurt Likko is the pseudonym of an attorney in Southern California. His interests include Constitutional law with a special interest in law relating to the concept of separation of church and state, cooking, good wine, and bad science fiction movies. Follow his sporadic Tweets at @burtlikko, and his Flipboard at Burt Likko.

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4 thoughts on “Bacon Brittle

  1. I’ve been reading the Dispossessed by Don Carpenter. The novel is basically a thinly veiled slice of life Mill Valley and Marin from Upper-middle class yuppies to the oddball eccentrics who came north from SF to sleep among the redwoods.


  2. “I’ll take cooking for $100, Alex.”

    “And the answer is … Bacon Brittle.”

    “Why don’t they reinforce concrete with bacon?”


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