Porter Ricks – Biokinetics

Not dub, exactly (I should get around to a dub post one day), but dub-adjacent ambient techno.

Up top, 1996 subaquatic frequencies from Berlin duo Porter Ricks.

The beatific and pastoral GAS, from 1999:

Gas – Königsforst

Gas – Königsforst (1999) [full album]

The glitchy, staticky and drifting Pole, also from 1999:

Pole – Hafen

The spacy Monolake, from 2001:

Monolake – Cinemascope

Monolake – Cinemascope [HD] [Full album]

EDIT: I knew these were all roughly from the same time period, but I just realized they are also from the same country. Those Germans sure love their dub techno (and so do I). Let’s all engage in baseless cultural speculation as to why!

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7 thoughts on “Dub-ish!

      • been listening to blanck mass on repeat pretty much since it came out. choice as hell.

        when it comes to ambient techno, i have many favorites, but specifically for the dubby side you’ve already hit most of the high water marks. donato dozzy (1/2 of voices from the lake above) has some great dj sets as well, esp from the now defunct mmnl ssgs blog. he’s all over the place.

        the porter ricks album is great, but like almost all of the basic channel/chain reaction stuff, it requires VOLUME to make sense. it is club music in the most specific meaning of the term – giant spaces and loud systems make the most of the mix. on headphones, etc, at normal volumes? it just seems smushed, even ripped to flac from the original cd pressing.

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    • That Voices from the Lake is good, I added it to my list of things to pick up (once again, you guys are costing me money! [shakes fist])

      Weirdly, it actually reminded me a bit of FSOL’s Lifeforms, in that it has a really…organic feel, I guess?

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