If you hadn’t heard, the NHL* is thinking of expanding. The two most obvious cities for franchises, Seattle and Quebec City, were namechecked by the commish as possible landing spots. He also suggested Las Vegas. Because when you think of ice hockey, you think of Vegas and vice versa.

Whenever discussions of horrible locations for sports teams arise, my mind always jumps to the absolute worst idea in sports history (with some notable exceptions), the Canadian Football League’s Las Vegas Posse. This was part of the CFL’s wildly unsuccessful**/tremendously successful*** expansion into the U.S.

This discussion then leads to the best worst rendition of an anthem ever:

(Notice that the video is even titled improperly. It’s not “Oh Canada”; it’s “O Canada”.) Here’s how it should sound:

Personally, I think the guy did a great job of completely faking the anthem, making it sound like an actual song. There’s even a hint or two of the original in there. Anyway, he’s definitely a cut above Carl Lewis.

(H/T: @StewartPrest.)

(Image by Cmm3 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

*That would be the National Hockey League in case you don’t follow Canada’s favourite sport.

**Unsuccessful because all the teams, save the Baltimore CFLers, folded in a blink, and the CFLers quickly moved to Montreal, reviving the failed Alouettes franchise (which is now on solid footing).

***Successful because the teams had to pay franchise fees, pumping a lot of coin into the league during its cash-strapped 90s.

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9 thoughts on “Posse!

  1. I thought they were crazy to put an NHL team in Nashville, especially after the minor league team there failed so hard in the 80s (go South Stars!), but after having attended a couple Predators games, I know I was very wrong.

    Then again, Nashville doesn’t have legal gambling.

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  2. Wait, doesn’t Quebec already have a… Oh, that’s right. They don’t. They have to sort of glom on to the Habs.

    Well, WTH. Quebec absolutely should have its own franchise. Winnipeg has one, and it’s a smaller city and a smaller metro area.

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  3. Québec, definitely. Another team in southern Ontario would also be a good choice – there’s enough population there that it wouldn’t significantly detract from Leafs seat sales. Seattle’s not a bad option either. Vegas is a terrible one.

    I oppose the teams from the southern US, non-mountain-states on principle. Hockey is a sport for cold places. Florida doesn’t need two teams. Florida doesn’t need any teams. Los Angeles? Texas? For goodness’ sake.

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    • Are the teams in Florida successful, in terms of fans attending and buying merchandise? I know the Dallas team has a pretty loyal fan base, though I don’t know how large it is.

      In Nashville, Preds jerseys are everywhere.

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