Review returns for a second season tonight at 10 PM on Comedy Central.

Andy Daly plays straightlaced “life reviewer” Forrest MacNeil – that is, instead of reviewing films or books or restaurants, Forrest reviews user-submitted life experiences – like divorce, or drug addiction, or eating thirty pancakes.

The “on-camera” review segments are funny on their own – but the real draw of the show is the (faux-)”reality” darkness, as the cumulative damage to Forrest’s real life, from his insane dedication to seeing each review through to the end, continually piles up in sometimes-disturbing, always-hilarious ways.

A commenter at the AVClub noted that the basic story setup was reminiscent of the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, wherein God commanded a righteous man to do the unthinkable and sacrifice his son; only here in the twenty-first century, we too often take our marching orders from the Almighty Twitter instead.

Expected S2 Grade (I haven’t seen it yet, but the DVR is set and I can’t wait): Five Stars.

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2 thoughts on “Review!

  1. Huzza! Fell in love with this show right from the pilot:

    I’ve tried cocaine, cigarettes filled with tobacco, and alcoholic wine. Didn’t get addicted to any of those. Now there’s only one more thing to try: COCAINE!

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    • The first ep is definitely really good, but it wasn’t until around the third episode when the callbacks really start to accumulate, and you realize “this guy is ruining his life” that it got great for me.

      “There all is aching”.

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