8 thoughts on “You know those funny, overlapping shoulders on baby’s onesies?

    • Glad to be of help,

      fwiw, this is my response the the Donald Trump situation here on OT right now.

      Donald is not going to be president, and the only thing that is campaign illuminates is how politics has become part of the entertainment industry and its hypnotic glow.

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  1. So that makes FIVE Donald Trump posts. Sigh. :)

    This one is at least useful to some of the audiences.

    I actually knew about this. Unfortunately, you can only do it once or twice (at least, if you’re a lead-thumbed as I am) before it stretches too much to be useful as a onesie.

    Of course, we don’t even have to do that to to stretch Lain’s onesies too large. Her large noggin does that enough. One of the reasons we like Garanimal onesies* was that they had snaps and so we didn’t stretch them.

    * – The other thing is that they were not wildly gendered. Since she’s grown out of the Garanimal stuff, at the low-end price point we’re either left with robots and skulls on blue, or frilly frill sparkles on pink. Very frustrating.

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