Outrageous Public Meeting #2

I don’t think Robert’s Rules of Order controlled this meeting of local officials at West New York, New Jersey. “Mistake were made,” as they say. And in bureaucracies, the rule of survival is CYA (cover your ass). So what happens when the powers that be need to determine who is at fault? Commissioner Count Wiley won’t accept attempts to scapegoat him.

A Shouting Match at the West New York Special Meeting

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3 thoughts on “Outrageous Public Meeting #2

  1. Having seen both #1 and #2 now, I just want to note that the people in #1 were downright reserved compared to the average Indian family talking about anything political. The guy in the dark gray suit on the opposite side of the table would fit right in, but no one else.

    And at 4 minutes in “let’s take a break”? What a laugh!

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  2. What I love so much about this particular video is not the people shouting, but everyone else in the room. They all give off that bored, mind-wandering, “we’re-doing-this-again?” vibe that I associate with meetings where employees are made to do watch harassment training videos for the fifth time in two years.

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