It’s Been a Bad Day

Some related songs for your consumption and perhaps enjoyment.

I don’t understand a word of this Indila song because French, but it sounds nice and I was completely captured by the music video. (Trigger warning: It’s in French, but that’s it.)

Indila – Dernière Danse (Clip Officiel)

The next two have French lyrics in them, though are otherwise unrelated.

The first is by Max Stalling, and it’s a tribute to the Beatle’s “Michelle.” (Trigger warning: Country musician, but it’s a ballady sort of song with minimal country influence)

And Travis… (Trigger warning: Travis)

Travis – The Last Laugh Of The Laughter (Lyrics)

The final two songs contain no French, but I tend to gravitate towards them at times like these.

The first is REM’s “Bad Day” which has a really good video with it (Trigger warning: REM)

R.E.M. – Bad Day (Video)

And a relative unknown by the name of Peter Dawson. (Trigger warning: Very, very country)

Peter DawsonChange the Things I can

Image by nathanh100 It's Been a Bad Day

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7 thoughts on “It’s Been a Bad Day

    • Great tune, with a really convoluted history.

      Plastic Bertrand is Belgian. He didn’t sing the song though, he Milli Vanilli’d it. The backing track is the same as a (slightly) earlier tune called “Jet Boy, Jet Girl”, with lyrics that as recently as 1989 could get you an FCC fine for obscenity if you broadcast it. Both versions have been covered multiple times (Sonic Youth, the Damned, Crocodiles et al).

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