This is the Pentagon’s new strategy to defeat ISIS

This is the Pentagon's new strategy to defeat ISISThe new plan calls for fighting the terror group like a conventional enemy, relying on traditional military tactics such as maneuver-style warfare and attrition. This has replaced last year’s approach, dubbed the “Iraq First Strategy,” which was widely criticized as ineffective, especially after ISIS fighters seized the city of Ramadi in May. Instead, the U.S. and its allies now intend to confront the extremist group and its force of about 30,000 fighters, targeting their strongholds and resources across Iraq and Syria simultaneously.

From: This is the Pentagon’s new strategy to defeat ISIS

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3 thoughts on “This is the Pentagon’s new strategy to defeat ISIS

    • “Invade and overthrow the leader of a sovereign nation?” Piece a cake.
      “Greeted as liberators by an oppressed people?” Checkity check check.
      “Recognize the distinction between Sunni and Shiite Muslims?” No probl … hey, waitaminute. That’s a trick question, innit?
      “Install a democratic gummint?” Done and done….

      Easy peasy, see? So why so glum?

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      • Thats what’s funny (but not ha clinton dix funny) per the article, ‘greeted as liberators’ is part of the official plan. (The reliance on the local population ‘rising up’ when the pressure hits a tipping point)

        And theres nothing out there that anyone knows what to do with de facto Kurd sovereignty (except screw over the Kurds, yet again, at the behest of the Arabs and the Turks)

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