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Linky Friday: Truth and Lies
Our Place in the Natural World
Blade Runner, Robocop, and What it Means to be Human
Private: Those Dastardly Billionaires, or Something
Feminism, Lost in Space
Private: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Muthana?
Private: They Stole My Batman
Private: Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

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Christopher Carr
+ These are my 2 favorite films. Awesome that you wrote about them simultaneously and awesomely. Viewers should approach other Verhoeven films, like Starship Troopers and Show [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ First off, nice post. I hated what Verhoeven did to Starship Troopers. RoboCop shows that he can do satire and criticism. Sure, [. . .]
+ There are niches where I have seen a person straightening used carpentry nails and reselling them at fraction of the cost of new ones. In Cubas [. . .]
+ I played Gloomhaven with my D&D group fro the majority of last year. We are now awaiting the expansion, which is due out in a [. . .]
Michael Drew

Further update/background:

+ @Dark Matter Small countries have fewer frictions. See for instance Lichtenstein, Gibraltar, Palau, Jersey and Guernsey. Someone in Sembawang (the north eastern part of Singapore) is [. . .]

How bad did I mess that description up?

Without minimum wage there is a near infinite amount of jobs.

Jobs that cost zero in materials supplied or supervision required? I'm dubious.

Doctor Jay

Ahem. We're playing Gloomhaven. About 60% through, I think.

Also Legend of the Five Rings LCG and the old standby of Dominion.

+ The weird thing about minimum wage is it produces some of the friction that we see in this country. Without minimum wage there is a [. . .]
Dark Matter
+ Murali: Its 2% in Singapore. I'm skeptical that this is a true number and that the gov isn't changing the common sense definition somehow. Or [. . .]

Chip, i challenge you to find a more equal negotiating model than the owner-operator model.

(I think this solves the cucumber-grape dilemma also)

There are nine-and-sixty looks
For a Batman comic book
And every single one of them is right

Douglas Virtue
+ I thought I was a minority in my dislike for Nolan's Batman. Whew. Even as a kid watching Adam West, I knew this was a [. . .]
+ Well, when you've got corporations colluding with the government to bring in more and more and more workers, I don't know why you're surprised that [. . .]
Dark Matter
+ Again, can anyone construct a scenario in which an Amazon fulfillment center manager begs his employee not to quit, and promises to behave better? Joe [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ And we agreed that this happens only very rarely, and even then, only to a tiny fraction of the laboring population. So why do our laws [. . .]
+ Do you remember asking this question? Is there any conceivable scenario in which the purchasers of labor fight amongst themselves for the scarce commodity called [. . .]

Its 2% in Singapore. There's no minimum wage in Singapore. There's also no capital gains tax in Singapore.

Chip Daniels

If only there were some alternatives to those two choices!

Chip Daniels

I don't really understand what point you are even proposing here.

Dark Matter
+ So, if you can get your unemployment rate down to about 2%, you’re effectively at full employment. 2% is way too low. My [. . .]
Dark Matter
+ Is there any conceivable scenario in which the purchasers of labor fight amongst themselves for the scarce commodity called labor?It's called "bidding wars" when [. . .]
Michael Drew
+ Sort of along with George Turner, I've been wondering if it's so clear that the moment a person whose initial reason to be here was [. . .]
+ It will not be an equal negotiating partner under socialism either. When the power of the state is added to the power of the firm, [. . .]
+ Chip, I am saying that I was *THERE* during a period where companies were fighting with each other for talent. Like, I was a recent graduate [. . .]

Yeah that seems like a thing that fits somewhere in here.

+ True. Honestly we should probably not be relying as much as we do on loans as a way to fund post-secondary education. Also we should [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ That doesn't address the question, but just emphasizes the point. Labor shortages are a freakish phenomenon compared to labor surpluses. The Lebron Jameses or odd tech [. . .]
+ Were there any cases in the tech sector in the last few years of companies colluding behind the scenes to suppress wages and lessen the [. . .]
Dark Matter
+ pillsy: Banks care a great deal if someone can pay them back, though, and it’s not like the degree sought has no bearing on that. True [. . .]
+ I was around in the 90's during the tech boom. You know what companies did when they needed people, like, TONS of people, overnight? They competed on [. . .]

if someone "puts a cap in her ass, the legal issues become moot. I'd assumed that was self evident.

Chip Daniels
+ If immigration were to cease absolutely, would companies start fighting each other over the precious laborers? Or would they increase automation and outsourcing? Again, can anyone construct [. . .]

To get back to the union analogy, immigrants are, effectively "scabs" who are merely doing the work that striking workers "just won't do".

+ Just a relevant historical side comment The S.A.’, and other, less structured, brownshirts’, recruitment pool was the millions of, mostly unemployed, demobilized German soldiers, angry both [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ Has this ever happened, in history? Is there any plausible theory as to how it could happen in the future? If not, why do we continue to [. . .]
+ The Animated Batman is absolutely delightful and is also my favorite... but it feels like it comes from a very particular moment in time: after [. . .]
+ Yes, when there is no minimum wage, the ease of doing business is high etc. Then the demand for labour increases. Certainly, businesses will not [. . .]
+ Are you suggesting Windows/Amazon/whatever are inflicting tens of Trillions of dollars of damage on the economy? Why did you suddenly switch to 'The economy' as the [. . .]
+ Is there any conceivable scenario in which the purchasers of labor fight amongst themselves for the scarce commodity called labor? Yeah, but immigration acts as a [. . .]
+ Regarding the Oath Keepers specifically my understanding was that they were mostly retired and/or inactive. Maybe I need to look that up but to [. . .]
+ I'll go ahead and belabor the point first by posting an amusing tweet I saw the other day. ME, AGE 20: Ha ha, [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ Doesn't this then, demonstrate the fundamental absurdity of viewing labor as a market? Is there any conceivable scenario in which the purchasers of labor fight amongst [. . .]
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