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Back to School, Back to War? A Review of David Kirp’s Improbable Scholars

How do we balance urgency against responsibility in education reform? David Kirp’s recent book is a valiant attempt to square these two priorities. But can we really put aside “The Education Wars” so easily?

Returning the House (and the President) to the People

In my recently concluded interview with Publius from ObsidianWings on the role of the administrative state, a central question was how citizens can better hold the executive and legislative branches accountable and prevent regulatory capture.  It seems clear to me (although Publius may disagree) that these issues are closely related to the issue of growth…

Publius Squared: The Regulatory State, Congress, and Democracy

As many people should know, Obsidian Wings is often a bastion of worthwhile discussion and debate combined with unapologetic opinion in the sea of hackery and straw men that is the political blogosphere.  Over the last several days, the site’s most prolific blogger, as well as an expert on communications law and a passionate advocate of…