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Bringing Baby to Dinner

What’s to do when some parent (who obviously isn’t you because of course you have better judgment than that) brings their child to an inappropriate place? Also: food porn from Chicago!


How To: Get A Vasectomy

Last month, my wife and I welcomed our third and final child into the world. Our new daughter is everything a baby is supposed to be. This is good for a variety of reasons, including how difficult actually having this third child proved to be. We are not religious people, so she’s whatever the please-leave-us-alone-about-religion…

Too Soon?

I talk with Mayonnaise quite a bit.  Well, I talk to him.  And getting even more precise, I sing to him.  For whatever reason, I’ve adopted a Randy Newman-esque, sing-whatever-I-would-normaly-say for a good amount of our interactions.  Can’t explain it, but it’s what I do and he enjoys it.  I’m secretly afraid that he’ll mistake…