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Starbucks Closes to Serve “Racial-Bias Education” to Employees

Starbucks will be closing around 8,000 company owned stores on the afternoon of May 29th, to give mandantory training to over 175K employees on what the coffee giant is calling “Racial-Bias Education”. The closing and training had been announced weeks ago in the aftermath of an incident in Philadelphia were a Starbuck manager called the police on two black customers sitting in the store

Thoughts From Travelworld

It’s odd, really, how much travel I’ve been doing recently. I went nearly a year without any business travel and now it seems like every other day I’m away from home, in a hotel or on an airplane, I even got some yacht stories traveling around which you can visit this blog to read. As…

Healthcare and monopoly

Russell Arben Fox asks: How should a distributist or localist or communitarian in America feel about proposals which would attempt to provide the same sort of equalization which Democratic party reformers are squawking about, but do so solely on a state-by-state (or perhaps region-by-region) basis? Just more of the same? No different from any other…