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Linky Friday, Food Symposium Edition

Lots of links about food! Fill your mind and fill your belly!


We’re quickly running out of summer, so I want to share one of my favorite drinks of the last few weeks before it’s too late. Hat-tip to Derek Brown, who turned me on to this simple pleasure in a recent vermouth class I took at the Passenger. Ordinarily, Chamberyzette is a variant of vermouth flavored…

More Boozing

Yesterday’s post on the drink selection at Obama’s beer summit provoked heated comments from Pabst aficionados, Dogfish loyalists, fans of beer-fruiting, traditionalists, hop-heads, and even one staunch defender of Biden’s choice of a non-alcoholic Buckler. While this doesn’t bode well for a League-wide bar outing, perhaps we can all agree to down a few cocktails?…