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Mad Men Open Thread

I’m building it, so y’all better come visit now, here?  I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet, and probably won’t until later this week — there are more important things in the offing today/tonight — so I won’t be looking at comments.  But enjoy.


We seem to be getting a bunch of spammy comments lately. This reminds me that some day, I am going to write a novel in which all of the characters are named after spam identities. They do a number more interesting job of naming their entities than most people do naming their actual children and…

Please Check Out Our Junk (Mail)

On behalf of the League, we’d like to invite everyone and anyone to subscribe to our weekly update, The Retroactive Table of Contents. Each week the League publishes between thirty and forty political editorials, cultural musings, arts and entertainment reviews, philosophical ponderings, personal essays and a whole lot more.  Most of these are short or…


I think a good blog should have easy to use, attractive, intuitive comments.  This is one of the great failures of blogs like The Plank, which are fine blogs with terrible comments sections.  Yglesias has consistently dozens of comments on his blog, but they’re not terribly fun.