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Big Monday, 2015

Big Monday, 2015

The Supreme Court adjourns for the Term with decisions about redistricting, air pollution, and executions. Burt Likko summarizes each of them, and offers a sad observation about judicial comity losing one of its most prominent sentinels,

Due Deference

[updated below] National Review’s obnoxious (and predictable) response to the mistaken arrest of a black Harvard professor has been to publish this truly remarkable post from Roger Clegg: Even if race played some role in how Professor Gates was treated — who knows? — the Left is, predictably, exaggerating the sociopolitical significance of it all.…

Judging is Hard

A fairly banal observation, I know, but one worth revisiting in light of the the latest Supreme Court appointment. Here’s a telling paragraph from Jeffrey Toobin’s excellent profile of Chief Justice John Roberts: Roberts’s solicitude for the President and the military extends to lower-profile cases as well. In Winter v. National Resources Defense Council, the…