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Let the People Gerrymander Themselves

Let the People Gerrymander Themselves

Many of the arguments about gerrymandering now fall back on complex mathematical overlays to geography and the Civil Rights Act, but the Supreme Court justices remain bewildered and unimpressed. There is, however, a much more elegant and simple solution to the problem that allows for a far fairer representative system: eliminate the district lines altogether.


The Right Path, Part I: “To look more hard working”

The second in a four part series that argues that the left is headed down the same path toward the wilderness that the right began two decades ago. Before we look at the left, however, we must first examine the actual path blazed by movement conservatives.

Voter Fraud Wheels A’ Spinning

I noted last summer how massive attempts to confront “voter fraud” were actually an example of the inherent corruption populist movements breed.  Finding a way to make voters on both sides recognize this before 2016 is incredibly important, as I shall demonstrate below. But corruption by those in power needs to be fought with reason, patience…

Narrative Over Principle: The Perils of Believing Your Own Propaganda

I’ve not got a whole heck of a lot to add to this very good paragraph from Glenn Greenwald on the whole hubbub over the propriety of the Obama Administration’s entirely speculative suggestions (with the backing of Think Progress) that the Chamber of Commerce’s election ads are funded, at least in part, by foreign contributions:…

Why I Voted For Daggett

While I don’t think Corzine’s been as bad for New Jersey as most people seem to think (the Dems in the Assembly and Senate being a much different story), there was never any chance I was going to vote for him this year on divided government grounds.  Since I’ve become something of a proud proponent…

Returning the House (and the President) to the People

In my recently concluded interview with Publius from ObsidianWings on the role of the administrative state, a central question was how citizens can better hold the executive and legislative branches accountable and prevent regulatory capture.  It seems clear to me (although Publius may disagree) that these issues are closely related to the issue of growth…