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How To Fix a Broken Elephant: A Recipe for Electoral Health In Six Incredibly Difficult Steps

How To Fix a Broken Elephant: A Recipe for Electoral Health In Six Incredibly Difficult Steps

America desperately needs a disciplined, conservative political party — a thing the GOP has not been for quite some time. Here are the six steps those small-c conservatives of the #NeverTrump variety will have to take if they want to stem the rise of Trumpism in their party.

The Plasticity of Memory, Indeed: Some quick reflections of the call to charge Ferguson eyewitnesses with perjury

The latest conservative talking point regarding Ferguson, via Rudy Giuliani, is a call for eyewitnesses who testified for the prosecution to be charged with perjury.

Which, says Tod, is a good excuse to take a closer look at what eyewitness testimony really is.

A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.


The Right Path, Part II: Nate Silver and the Delegitimisation of Traditional Journalism and Objective Data

“Data that contradicts the Ideology is a lie; institutions that publish such data are the enemy; those individuals who consider such data are heretics.”

Why Conservatives Can’t Win the Non-Male Vote, “I’m Fishing Speechless” Edition

So here’s the thing.  I’ve started this post maybe half a dozen times before scrapping it and starting over.  I have no idea what to say.  No idea.  I am seriously fishing speechless.  I’ve decided  to just power through and see where we get.  I’ll get to why I’m so gobsmacked in a moment, but…

In praise of distant and brief flickers at the end of long, dark tunnels

Over the past four years, Erick Erickson has won ad revenue, books deals, and a lucrative CNN contract by posing such insightful rhetorical questions as, “Is Obama shagging hookers behind the media’s back?” The answer to that particular question, admits Erickson, is probably “no,” but who knows?  After all, our “composite-Kenyan” president is an anti-Christian…

Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Epilogue: In Which the GOP is Finally and Inevitably Made Irrelevant

Two weeks ago, while almost no one was watching, Rick Santorum and the conservative media pulled off an historic, astounding and quite literal coup.  They did this with the tiniest of acts: organizing to kill US participation in a small and innocuous United Nations treaty.  The treaty itself was not historic; indeed, it was mind-numbingly…

Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part II

“But there is another kind of light; a light that fills even the darkest places.  For if this meat-light did not exist, how could darkness be seen? And so it is with the truth. There are some things which appear to be the truth, but which are not the real truth.  The real truth must…

Sarah Silverman explains voter ID laws and Jon Stewart explains Fox News

She says it better than I could. Though hers is a NSFW version. “No photo. No voto.” Then again, at this point Romney is doing a wonderful job losing this election all on his own with just a tiny bit of help from Paul Ryan.

This Just In: Democrats to take away your Bible, force you into same-sex marriage (Now Updated – Twice!)

[Now with Second Bonus Update below! -tk] [Note: Updated below – tk] Well, that was quick. Last week it appeared that Republicans had made a tactical decision to shed their stuffy, country club image by reaching out to women, minorities and the poor.  But, like so many other conventioneers from a myriad of industries, it…

Anti-Muslim Bigotry & Double Standards

Except that I do not think the Juan Williams Incident qualifies as outright bigotry, I do agree with Greenwald on this point: The double standard in our political discourse — which tolerates and even encourages anti-Muslim bigotry while stigmatizing other forms — has been as beneficial as it has been glaring.  NPR’s firing of Juan…