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Friday Afternoon Jukebox: Scarface Edition

I went ahead and solved that Thursday Night Fight y’all we’re having. It’s Giorgio Moroder’s “Push It To The Limit”. I frankly can’t think of another song that more accurately what it is that we do here. Especially the tiger-tied-to-a-tree-part there at the end of the video. Nothing screams “Ordinary Gentleman!” louder than a tiger-tied-to-a-tree.

Friday Jukebox: Music Is Better Than Politics

That is “Timebomb” by the Old 97’s, a fantastic song that has been included on several soundtracks, including the relatively good one that accompanied the entirely forgettable Clay Pigeons. Without getting too heteronormative, I’d say that it’s an absolutely balls-to-the-wall song. I’m relatively certain that I’ve always thought this, from the first time I heard…

Friday Jukebox

I haven’t yet done one of these, so here’s an inaugural.  Love and Rockets formed in 1985 from the ashes of Bauhaus, one of the first post-Beatles “Aw, man, they broke up?” bands in my elder sister’s musical experience.  Since a goodly part of my teenage years’ musical taste was informed by what Megan was…