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Linky Friday #57

Burt Likko fills in for Will Truman for this week’s aggregation of dozens of links to themed web randomness!

Game Of Thrones Appendix!

The astucious MikeSchilling has put together a spectacular essay detailing the breeding habits of the Spanish Royalty. If you’re familiar with how Game of Thrones is pretty much a retelling of the War of the Roses, kinda, you won’t want to miss this shout out to the family that always pays its debts.

Fools in Dorne

I can’t find it in myself to like Ser Arys Oakheart, or feel sad for him. I just finished the chapter (SPOILERS) where Arianne’s rebellion fails. I know I’m supposed to feel pity for Oakheart. He was just trying to make his two girls happy —Myrcella by keeping her happy and Arianne by helping her…

Brienne of Tarth

League commenter Marianne is interested in Brienne of Tarth: Well…. for one thing I think a woman knight idolizing Renly that way is an interesting take on the conventions of chivalry and courtly love. I don’t know much about those things outside of White (and Malory)… but it definitely seems to ring all the same…

Tits! Swords! Edginess!

(Editor’s note: Erik’s praise for “Game of Thrones” drew me out of semi-retirement. Bear with me) One of the problems with easing constraints on a creative medium is that creators are inevitably tempted to prove their boundary-pushing bona fides. Cable television has been widely hailed as this decade’s dominant cultural force, but I can think…