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AOL buys the Huffington Post

The big news today – other than the Packer’s most excellent victory over the Steelers Sunday – is that AOL is buying the Huffington Post for $315 million dollars. No word from Arianna Huffington yet if they’ll stop exploiting their writers and actually pay to produce some of their content following the merger.

The Annual Misuse of Hate Crime Statistics

NOTE: SIGNIFICANT UPDATES BELOW THE JUMP. Every year around this time, the FBI publishes its statutorily-mandated annual report on hate crime statistics.  Like clockwork, every year that report gets misused no matter what the FBI does to discourage that misuse (previous examples of misuse here).  This year is no exception, as several prominent liberal sites have…

Liar, Liar: Jim Carrey and the Misinformation About Vaccines and Autism

By Dan Summers Corynebacterium diphtheriae, the infectious agent responsible for diphtheria, is a nasty little germ. Known once upon a time as the “strangling angel of children,” affected patients would develop a membrane that covered the airway, as well as significant irritation in the throat and surrounding tissue. Respiratory and circulatory collapse commonly followed, with…