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The Right Path, Part I: “To look more hard working”

The second in a four part series that argues that the left is headed down the same path toward the wilderness that the right began two decades ago. Before we look at the left, however, we must first examine the actual path blazed by movement conservatives.


Ideology Is The Enemy: The Competing Cancers

On average, men wait significantly longer for prostate cancer surgery than women do for breast cancer surgery – and a lot of people are calling foul. The lesson to be learned from this much ballyhooed statistic? That more and more, ideology is forcing us to choose narrative over data. Tod Kelly explains.


The 10 Biggest Lies Being Told About the Government Shutdown

If you’ve been listening to cable news, talk radio or your local Republican Congressman talk about our current government shutdown, chances are that much or all of what you’ve heard is a lie. Here is a list of the ten biggest whoppers being floated today.

Ideology is the Enemy: The Creeping Victory of “Consistent” over “Judicious”

Note: This is part of an ongoing series I’m doing on the growing dangers we face by becoming more ideologically rigid.  They are not intended to go in any particular order, and would be more truthfully catalogued as “musings” than “treatise.”  You can find the introductory post here.  All of the Ideology Is The Enemy…

Ideology is the Enemy: Prelude

Over the next several weeks months I will be writing about the recent ascendance of ideology in the United States and why it worries me.  Specifically, I worry that the voting public’s generations-long desire to live in a peaceful, vibrant, financially feasible and pluralistic community is being slowly replaced with a willingness to abandon those…