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But I Fear

Burt Likko is mildly surprised that the political response didn’t include confiscation of law-abiding citizens’ hunting rifles and imposition of an abortion quota.


Dreaming of the Guild

Now, before you get all in a huff about the California Supreme Court admitting an undocumented alien to practice law, at least read Burt Likko’s digest of the ruling.

The Ghost of Self-Deportation

Check out the video above, if you can, to see Senator Durbin have a relatively congenial back-and-forth with Kansas Secretary of State (and intellectual star of the anti-immigration reform lobby) Kris Kobach over DREAMers and “self-deportation.” As you’ll see, part of the reason it’s rather civil is because Kobach lets Durbin dominate the conversation (usually…

One last salvo on immigration

Mark’s points about the relationship between American dynamism and immigration are well-taken. Again, I’d like to stress that I’m endorsing an exceedingly mild form restrictionism – perhaps a system that expands immigration quotas for Third World countries not adjacent to our border while limiting the number of new arrivals from Latin America. That said, I…

Geography, Politics, and Arrogance

Last week, Erik and I had a fun discussion about the role of geography in shaping one’s political opinions, what this means for Erik’s arguments for competitive federalism and localism, and the way in which our national debates largely cast aside the actual problems faced by actual people in favor of scoring broader points, thereby…