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Skimming for the Dirty Parts – Book Censorship In Public Schools, The Enders Game Controversy, and The False Allure of Public Decency

While it is true that I stole both Brave New World and Flowers for Algernon from the public library, it should be noted for the record that I did eventually return them. Plus, it was all Newsweek’s fault anyway. I was thirteen, and my parents had only just started subscribing to Newsweek. The magazine itself…

The War on Justin Bieber

As long as you can remember, you have been a music lover. Though your tastes have always been somewhat eclectic, you have always had a soft spot in your heart for independent singer-songwriters that combine technical proficiency with thoughtful and original lyrics. You’ve even got your school’s principal to agree to let you and your…

Magic Bus

Public Service Announcement: The League of Ordinary Gentlemen officially endorses letting your kid walk to school. Also: I hope there’s a special circle of hell reserved for busy-body elementary school administrators.