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The Right Path, Prologue: The MRM, Manboobz, and the Possible Futures of the American Left

The left isn’t where the right is today, but more and more they appear to be starting down the same path the right unwisely chose twenty years ago. Tod Kelly sets the table for an upcoming short series. BSDI knee-jerkers, start your engines!


Ideology Is The Enemy: The Competing Cancers

On average, men wait significantly longer for prostate cancer surgery than women do for breast cancer surgery – and a lot of people are calling foul. The lesson to be learned from this much ballyhooed statistic? That more and more, ideology is forcing us to choose narrative over data. Tod Kelly explains.

Canadians, Men’s Rights and our Problems with Rape

Canadians are horrible people, apparently. A recent Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Women’s Foundation discovered some rather disturbing views of a greater-than-negligible percentage of the population. Asked if a woman can provoke or encourage sexual assault when she is drunk, invites a man to her home, flirts with a man, wears a short…