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A Bloggy Puttanesca: Now with Government Shutdowns, Tea Parties, Trucker Protests and Confederate Flags!

Quick thoughts on the continued government shutdown, this weekend’s Trucker Protest and Veteran’s March, the Washington Redskins, the Confederate flag, and the true meaning of populism.

A Heretic’s Pilgrimage: My Journey to the 2012 Values Voter Summit

“Who would you rather kiss, Paul Ryan or Justin Bieber?” I turn to see a group of very young women standing directly behind me, each giddy with excitement.  It is 6:30 on a Friday morning in Washington, DC, and we are standing in line inside the Omni Shoreham Hotel, waiting to be admitted to the…

The Flake-y GOP

Over at True/Slant, E.D. makes a valuable and important comparison between Jeff Flake and Michelle Bachmann and the future of the GOP.  I’m not looking to re-open the whole “reformer” vs. “base” vs. establishment brouhaha, but Flake is in many ways the shining example of why the GOP’s problems aren’t the craziness and partisanship of…