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Monday Trivia #144 [Randy Harris wins!]

These nations are arranged in a certain order: South Korea, Turkey, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, France, Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, United States, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Slovak Republic

Monday Trivia #124 – Mo Wins!

(Kazzy here, trying my hand at Trivia, which Burt and Will were so graceful to let me do.  Apologies in advance if I somehow goof this, but I’m pretty sure I got it right.) From most to least: New York, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Ontario, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio, Alberta, Wisconsin,…