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The Right Path, Part I: “To look more hard working”

The second in a four part series that argues that the left is headed down the same path toward the wilderness that the right began two decades ago. Before we look at the left, however, we must first examine the actual path blazed by movement conservatives.


The Right Path, Prologue: The MRM, Manboobz, and the Possible Futures of the American Left

The left isn’t where the right is today, but more and more they appear to be starting down the same path the right unwisely chose twenty years ago. Tod Kelly sets the table for an upcoming short series. BSDI knee-jerkers, start your engines!


The 10 Biggest Lies Being Told About the Government Shutdown

If you’ve been listening to cable news, talk radio or your local Republican Congressman talk about our current government shutdown, chances are that much or all of what you’ve heard is a lie. Here is a list of the ten biggest whoppers being floated today.

Sailing Away to Irrelevance, Part II

“But there is another kind of light; a light that fills even the darkest places.  For if this meat-light did not exist, how could darkness be seen? And so it is with the truth. There are some things which appear to be the truth, but which are not the real truth.  The real truth must…

“The First Draft, Not the Compromised Second Draft”

Like Allahpundit – and, surprisingly to me, for the same reasons – I have no idea whatsoever what the newly-released Mount Vernon Statement is supposed to accomplish.  It amounts to a statement that the old Three-Legged Stool remains coherent and relevant.  Why?  Because they said so, that’s why.  There are no details, no attempt to resolve the…

On duplicity, fairweather conservatism, and the art of war

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate. Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are…

But What Are You For? The Death of Modern Movement Conservatism

I had the good fortune yesterday afternoon to attend a panel discussion on the future of conservatism featuring Ross Douthat, David Frum, Daniel Larison, and Virginia Postrel.  It was a rather enlightening discussion, but at the same time also a discussion that drove me to the conclusion that we are a long way from seeing…

Correctly Political: Tea and Sympathy for the Devil You Know

“Children’s Tea Party,” Morton H. B. Bly, 1919 by jfxgillis R.S.V.P. Wednesday, April 15th, Tax Day (reminder to self: file tax return or else), is also the day designated by grass-roots conservatives as a day of protest, the “Tea Party” movement. Intriguingly, the Tea Parties have inspired much discussion and debate–but almost none of which…

Regarding Rush

I suppose the reason I haven’t commented much on the resurgence of Rush Limbaugh into the national spotlight, is I have never, ever taken the Great Bloviator seriously.  He’s always been just another talk-radio windbag to me, representing not just an ideological demographic that I find unappealing, but also a tone and style that is…

Phony in-house Conservative Battles

My former political editor at the late-great Culture11, James Poulos makes an excellent contribution to a roundtable discussing Sam Tanenhaus’ piece declaring the death of movement conservativism.  Tanenhaus’ original article is here.  The roundtable discussion is here–Br. James’ contribution is fittingly the final one. What I like in some ways most about James’ response is…