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Canada’s Awkward Relationship With Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the term “rape culture” thrown around, and it’s a term that can lose its meaning or significance with repeated use, but as we experience sexual crimes like those committed in Steubenville or against Rehtaeh Parsons–and the delayed and insufficient responses to the crimes–it is inescapable that rape culture persists and, perhaps, thrives.

Twitchy-Eyed, Machete-Wielding Savages can’t catch a break

Remember when National Post‘s Chris Selley made a joke in defense of Edmonton that their mayor just couldn’t understand? Well, now it’s Maclean’s Colby Cosh… except he’s actually making fun of Edmonton, and her mayor: A fine-dining competition between Edmonton and Calgary, if it extended beyond a few top eateries, would amount to McLovin vs. Muhammad Ali. Edmonton’s…

Twitchy-eyed, machete-wielding savages

The National Post’s Chris Selley got into a bit of a thing with Edmontonians, including their blustery, I-don’t-understand-sarcasm mayor, Stephen Mandel. Here’s what Mr. Selley wrote: Get dry soon, Alberta The Calgary Herald’s editorialists could not be more proud of how those affected by terrible flooding over the weekend in Calgary and other communities conducted themselves. “It…