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Chief Justice Roy Moore and the Inherent Problem with “Natural Law” [Updated]

One of Natural Law’s most famous apostles (and one who also happens to be the current Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court) recently made the case that the rights granted by the US Constitution should apply only to Christians. Tod Kelly argues that is Natural Rights advocacy at its most extreme — and its most honest.

Better Progressive Rhetoric? Obama Is Building That

While it’s still unclear whether the going flap over Obama’s “you didn’t build that” line is a net gain or a net loss for the president, I’m increasingly encouraged by the Left’s response. Sure, there’s the customary—and impotent—exasperation over the Romney campaign’s manipulation of Obama’s words, and there are some snarky proto-memelets kicking around, but…

Presuppositional Constitutionalism

Does the Constitution assume certain presuppositions on the part of those it means to govern?  If so, what are those presuppositions? I submit the answer to the first question is yes, and explain the presuppositions that by necessity must be true for our Constitution to be intelligible. In light of the project begun here recently…