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Free Speech Is Dead, Donald Sterling Edition

First, it was Brendan Eich, a heroic American whose only alleged transgression was lending financial support to a political movement explicitly predicated on the idea that gays were a threat to the safety and well-being of children. Second, it was Condoleeza Rice, a heroic American whose only alleged transgression was serving in a ruinous presidential…

Don’t disenfranchise foreign NBA fans

In lieu of discussing more serious matters (Citizens United, health care, “Jersey Shore”), I’d like to direct your attention to the pressing issue of NBA All Star voting. After Tracy McGrady’s hobbled corpse nearly made the West’s starting line-up and serial retiree Allen Iverson was voted in as an Eastern Conference starter,  diehard fans and…

NBA Finals Open Thread

Got any wild predictions? Irresponsible betting advice? An over/under for the number of times Kobe sneers at no one in particular after draining another nasty jumper? I’m tentatively picking the Lakers in six, but after a surprisingly unpredictable playoff season, all bets are off. Sound off in comments with your own thoughts.