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Lessons in Parenting, Baseball, and Optometry

Lessons in Parenting, Baseball, and Optometry

I felt so disappointed for my son in his inability to excel at baseball. I had simply concluded that he lacked talent, and that was that. Of course, I would cheer him on and encourage him as long as he was interested, but, I assumed, the writing was on the wall. I pigeonholed him as “not an athlete”, just like me. Knowing now that it is quite likely that his vision was at least partially to blame for his trouble is a humbling reminder: our kids are not just small versions of ourselves.


Bringing Baby to Dinner

What’s to do when some parent (who obviously isn’t you because of course you have better judgment than that) brings their child to an inappropriate place? Also: food porn from Chicago!

I’m a Monster

Not only do I not think Walmart is the source of all evils in the world, but I actually have gotten over my elitist sense of the place and now consider myself a customer.  This probably means I’ve had my last bowl of grass-fed quinoa, but it is the right call for my family.

Too Soon?

I talk with Mayonnaise quite a bit.  Well, I talk to him.  And getting even more precise, I sing to him.  For whatever reason, I’ve adopted a Randy Newman-esque, sing-whatever-I-would-normaly-say for a good amount of our interactions.  Can’t explain it, but it’s what I do and he enjoys it.  I’m secretly afraid that he’ll mistake…

Dr. Seuss and Genius and Field Dominance

I read a lot of children’s literature these days (b/c this), which means that I’ve long been mulling over this precise sentiment: As any parent will attest, Dr Seuss was not only the greatest childrens writer ever, but also better than next best by an implausible margin — Justin Wolfers (@justinwolfers) February 7, 2013 Later,…

My Three Sons

Forgive me for not having an upshot with this post. It’s just a jumble of thoughts about the relationship that my sons have with each other, a topic I wrote about briefly once before. Someone recently sent me the book Far From the Tree, about parents who raise children who are quite different from they…

Why I am not an attachment parent

Time Magazine deliberately started an uproar with its cover photo of a woman confrontationally breastfeeding (seriously, if you can breastfeed confrontationally, she’s doing it) a preschooler. And so the backlash against attachment parenting begins. The article is behind a pay wall, and I really don’t want to reinforce this kind of cover, so I haven’t read it.…

Just in time for Father’s Day

Pamela Paul has a rather Slate-ish post up at The Atlantic, asking the controversial question: Are Fathers Necessary? Unsurprisingly, her conclusion is no. Not really. “The bad news for Dad is that despite common perception, there’s nothing objectively essential about his contribution,” she writes. “The good news is, we’ve gotten used to him.” There’s plenty…