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Incarcerated with the madness

Abby Haglage has an article at the Daily Beast on the shocking number of incarcerated prisoners with mental health issues: In a new study by Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), a nonprofit dedicated to eliminating barriers to treating the mentally ill, (Dr. E Fuller) Torrey and his colleagues expose just how bleak America’s mental health situation has become. In…

The Prison Guard State

This is a pretty stunning visual: Via Sullivan Law and order types will argue that this level of incarceration has coincided with a significant drop in crime rates,  but whether that’s due to the locking up of millions of non-violent offenders, or whether that’s due to other factors is much harder to say. Prison costs…

quote for the morning

“A combination of dumb drug laws, dysfunctional parole policies, “three strikes” laws passed by initiative, an endless procession of tougher-than-thou politicians, and a famously thuggish and politically powerful prison guards union has gotten California into this mess.” ~ Kevin Drum on California’s overflowing prisons.  Read the whole thing.