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The Plasticity of Memory, Indeed: Some quick reflections of the call to charge Ferguson eyewitnesses with perjury

The latest conservative talking point regarding Ferguson, via Rudy Giuliani, is a call for eyewitnesses who testified for the prosecution to be charged with perjury.

Which, says Tod, is a good excuse to take a closer look at what eyewitness testimony really is.

Bernstein on Discrimination and Liberty

If you’re not reading Cato Unbound — also known as my real job — you should be. Here’s David Bernstein, offering some new thinking on the old debate between property rights and nondiscrimination: Historically, many of the leading advocates of civil rights for African Americans in the late 19th and early 20th century—for example, Moorfield…

Due Deference

[updated below] National Review’s obnoxious (and predictable) response to the mistaken arrest of a black Harvard professor has been to publish this truly remarkable post from Roger Clegg: Even if race played some role in how Professor Gates was treated — who knows? — the Left is, predictably, exaggerating the sociopolitical significance of it all.…