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And They're Off!

And They’re Off!

A snapshot of a crowded campaign, taken right as the gate opens.


The 10 Biggest Lies Being Told About the Government Shutdown

If you’ve been listening to cable news, talk radio or your local Republican Congressman talk about our current government shutdown, chances are that much or all of what you’ve heard is a lie. Here is a list of the ten biggest whoppers being floated today.

This Is Why the GOP Can’t Have Nice Things

Maybe Georgia Republicans were right after all; maybe Obama really does a Marvel-comics-like mind control ray. How else does one explain the obliviously self-destructive actions of Rand Paul and the entire right-wing media machine this past week? Last week had been shaping up so nicely for the opposition party.  The IRS, long-time scourge of conservatives…

Rand Paul: “Benghazi Mission Should Have Been Under the Military”

…say what? Rand Paul, the darling of the anti-interventionist crowd, champion of civil liberties, world peace and end of all US military intervention abroad, Sainted Martyr for Speaking out Against Drone Based Tyranny, &c. has declared that were HE in charge, he would have unilaterally changed the US government budget by reallocating money budgeted on…

Outreach, Rand Paul Style

I’ve been thinking lately about Rand Paul’s recent attempt at what is called minority outreach at Howard University, “the historically black college” (apparently the mandatory phrasing). I’ve been thinking about what, exactly, Paul did wrong. And I’ve been thinking about whether it’s fair of me to focus on where he misstepped instead of where he…

A Heretic’s Pilgrimage: My Journey to the 2012 Values Voter Summit

“Who would you rather kiss, Paul Ryan or Justin Bieber?” I turn to see a group of very young women standing directly behind me, each giddy with excitement.  It is 6:30 on a Friday morning in Washington, DC, and we are standing in line inside the Omni Shoreham Hotel, waiting to be admitted to the…

Why Rand Paul is wrong about the Civil Rights Act

Given that the Civil Rights Act is in no danger of repeal and the libertarian-ish wing of the Republican Party offers some interesting opportunities for coalition building on civil liberties and foreign policy, I’m kind of surprised by the liberal reaction to Rand Paul’s nomination. That said, everyone with libertarian sympathies can acknowledge that Rand…