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When The Past Becomes Your Present

When The Past Becomes Your Present

Treatises are written on why victims don’t always come forward. And that was before they had to worry that their personal information would be spread across social media by awful people in the name of political battle. The police didn’t care when I was actually raped in 2000; what are the chances they would have cared about an attempted rape in the 1980s?

Twilight in the Kingdom of Pariahs and Predators

Twilight in the Kingdom of Pariahs and Predators

Sleeping on the sofa in a den of iniquity. (CN: Will thought this might need a content note if Maribou wanted to write one. Maribou, who of all readers usually needs a content note for anything to do with underage people and sex, doesn’t really think this essay needs one though? Um. Serious age imbalances in the context of relationships, some of which were illegal, but nothing graphic. Honest discussion of being a 17-year-old on the internet. Quite possibly the comments may stray into bleaker or cruder territory than the essay does. That’ll do.)


Canada’s Awkward Relationship With Rape Culture

We’ve all heard the term “rape culture” thrown around, and it’s a term that can lose its meaning or significance with repeated use, but as we experience sexual crimes like those committed in Steubenville or against Rehtaeh Parsons–and the delayed and insufficient responses to the crimes–it is inescapable that rape culture persists and, perhaps, thrives.


Do the Unborn Dream of Jerry Springer? : How the creepiest, most sensational story of 2013 could be a game-changer for Pro-Life advocates

A sensational, bizarre, made-for-tabloids crime forces Tod Kelly to reconsider his own position on abortion – and wonder if it might force others to do the same.

Canadians, Men’s Rights and our Problems with Rape

Canadians are horrible people, apparently. A recent Angus Reid poll commissioned by the Canadian Women’s Foundation discovered some rather disturbing views of a greater-than-negligible percentage of the population. Asked if a woman can provoke or encourage sexual assault when she is drunk, invites a man to her home, flirts with a man, wears a short…

The Pick-Up Apologist: Kickstarter, Reddit, The Awl, and The Real Problem With Seduction Culture

Last night a reader forwarded me The Awl’s interview of Ken Hoinsky by Maria Bustillos.  To be honest, I hadn’t intended to chime in on this story when I first came across it via Ethan — no real controversy here, I assumed.  But after reading Bustillos’s apologetics of Hoinsky, I’ve foolishly decided to add my…

James Taranto, Louis C.K., and The Brand New War On Men

James Taranto is angry. Lt. General Susan Helms has had her promotion held up by Missouri’s recently re-elected Senator Claire McCaskill. Taranto doesn’t like this; he views it as a salvo in what he’s describing as a “War On Men.” Let’s do the details first. In 2012, Helms granted clemency to Matthew Herrera, an Air…

For The Cold Case Files

Does the Fourth Amendment allow law enforcement to gather an arrestee’s genetic sequence and compare it with a large FBI database of genetic material gathered from old, unsolved crimes? [Continued at NaPP]

A Billion Rising (Or 51% of America, Anyway): The GOP Is Killing Itself With The Violence Against Women Act

In 1978 in Salem, Oregon, a married woman who had been a victim of domestic abuse accused her husband of rape.  The rape and the accompanying violence inflicted upon her by her spouse was not a new thing for the woman; the ability to have the state intercede on her behalf was.  Prior to 1978…

Briefly, On Football’s Culture and Rape

On Monday, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will compete for college football’s national championship. This is the kind of thing that gets sportswriters in a tizzy. If you’re of a certain Age, Notre Dame is what college football is all about, so the school’s sudden (and entirely unexpected) reappearance in the sport’s championship is a…

Leading Missouri Senate Candidate to Women: If you get pregnant, you weren’t really raped

This really should be a Blinded Trials shoot down, but since the good Doctor is away on a well-deserved holiday with husband and critter, I’ll go ahead and take the uncontested shot from the post. In what has to be the most amazing combination of junk science and assumption that victims of rapes are just…

Considering Violence, Rape, and how we Interpret Media

When IO released their new Hitman: Absolution trailer last week it made a lot of people angry. Rhetorical guns blazing, they took to their respective forums and articulated their disgust. For those who don’t know, Hitman is a videogame series self-evidently based on stealth and shooter gameplay. Players maneuver the main character, Agent 47, through different…

The GOP and Corporatism

Those easily sickened should avoid reading this Slate article, which recounts KBR’s infuriating attempt to shuffle an employee who was allegedly gang-raped into private arbitration instead of allowing her a day in court. The company’s blatant disregard for Jamie Leigh Jones’ allegations are bad enough, but the GOP’s clueless response is quite possibly worse: Evidently…