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Like Jason Voorhees In That Last Scene

Like Jason Voorhees In That Last Scene

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Religious Test Clause predictably collide with Obergefell v. Hodges in Eastern Kentucky.


A Lovely Wedding Conundrum

Burt Likko thought he understood this six years ago: religion is religion, and business is business. But the Hobby Lobby case leaves the rules a whole lot blurrier.

Religious Rights, Natural Law, and the Imperfect Pragmatic

The religious freedom issue created (highlighted?) by the Obama administration’s newest healthcare mandates is a hard one for me to grapple with. Part of the reason for this is my aforementioned agnosticism. As I have mentioned in the threads this past week, being a non-believer I feel eminently unqualified to tell a Catholic person of…

The More Important Question is Why

A few weeks back, Rufus asked whether there had been a recent uptick in people protesting against the construction of mosques and Islamic religious institutions.  As the recent NY Times piece (with which I assume all are familiar) demonstrated, the answer to this question is, sadly, an unequivocal “yes.”  Although little of this uptick has involved…