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On Obamacare and the Real U.S. Healthcare Crisis, Part I: A Look In The Rearview Mirror

The US healthcare system is about to radically change, whether or not Obamacare stands. Exactly how it’s going to change, and the degree to which that change will be good or bad for the country, is a choice we still need to make. Before we can make that choice, however, we need to understand how we got here in the first place.

Ben Smith Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Works

In a post over at BuzzFeed that makes me want to pound my head against my desk, Ben Smith proves that highly visible political pundits can write regularly about health insurance from 2009-2013 and yet – remarkably – can somehow still learn almost nothing about health insurance: “Imminent elements of Obama’s grandest policy move, the…

What risk management has taught me about the Trayvon Martin shooting

One of the byproducts of having spent the past two decades in risk management is that, for better or worse, I tend to view everything I see in the news through that lens.  This has certainly been the case this past week, as cable news networks, talk radio stations and political blogs have suddenly reaffixed…