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In My Opinion’s Wake

Burt Likko thinks that Citizens United and McCutcheon were correctly decided. But how can he square that conclusion with his recent Ordinary Court opinion?

The President Head Fakes on Lethal Drone Strikes and the War on Terror

Nothing in the President’s speech hasn’t been said before, and with much more force and a greater sense of commitment. His sprawling meditation on the threat of terrorism was less a grand vision for where terrorism fits into the rest of the President’s responsibilities and the nation’s challenges, and more a doubling-down on the global…

Gun Printing: A Call To Inaction

Once something is published on the Internet, it’s too late to take it back. Ask Anthony Weiner. Pictured to the left is a 3D printer. As predicted here more than half a year ago, it is now a demonstrated reality that with downloadable plans and instructions, anyone can now print from plastic functionally all of…