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The Wedlease: For Those of You Who See Your Relationship as a Rental Property

Citing high divorce rates, an estate planner recommends that the legal partnership of marriage be adapted to include arrangements that do not last a lifetime, but rather a period of years specified by the couple, so that the end of a marriage “can be as simple as vacating a rental unit.” Is this a good idea?


I fully recognize that the MLB All-Star Game is primarily an exhibition, in spite of the Commissioner’s attempt to “make it count” instead of just doing what the NBA and NHL does and just assign home-field advantage in the championship round to the team with the better record*.  And I get that the MLB All-Star Game MVP matters even less. But awarding it to Mariano Rivera for the impressive task of throwing a single shut-out inning, a feat 5 other […]

Call to Arms

I think conservatives are justifiably upset by the Department of Homeland Security’s recent report on right-wing domestic terrorism. It’s not that I find the idea of violent extremism totally implausible (I don’t!), I just think that releasing something like this in the midst of a tumultuous political climate is unnecessarily provocative, particularly when the report…