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Circling the Drain in the NSA Surveillance Debate

(The middle section of this post is a thorough re-statement and critique of David Simon’s argument that their are few “legitimate” concerns that can be raised regarding the NSA’s collection of metadata and web records. Because I quote Simon at length, several times, his statements have been italicized in order to make it easier to…

Wire Fraud

The Wire’s David Simon forcefully responds to criticism of his show from Baltimore’s police commissioner. Read the whole thing, and then read his stirring defense of the show from similar criticism in front of the Baltimore City Council in 2002:

Son of The Wire

Matt Yglesias says: What’s really depressing to me about the current TV landscape isn’t so much that we haven’t seen another Wire-quality show as it is that we haven’t even seen a serious effort to produce another show that’d be as good. The aesthetic message of the The Wire is that it’s possible to create…