I have no words

Apparently this is happening.

Ted Haggard is filming an episode of ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap this week — with Gary Busey.

The other day I made a comment referencing the Dada movement.  Today I have a vision of Marcel Duchamp reading this article, throwing up his hands and saying “That’s it, I’m out.  I can’t top that.”

Russell Saunders

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  1. I can top it.

    Celebrity fake wedding. Put two single celebrities together for a week and film it. Season premier?

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and Carlos Irwin Estevez.

    That’s right, baby… Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen.

    • I pray to God that nobody from Fox, Bravo or TLC stumbles upon your comment, amigo. Because Lord knows they’d take that idea and run with it.

    • How could it possibly be funny if everyone knows its fake? These kinds of things only work when someone is sincerely caught off guard. Moreover, stay with the common folk, they’re much, much funnier than empty headed celebrities— granted, celebrities being strapped down in four point restraints and rushed off to psych wards in ambulances, is diabolically funny, but then again, I have a very big/bad sense of black humor. I doubt few, if any of your folks, were even born when Candid Camera was on. A hilarious show. One of my favorites was when they had a cop directing traffic at a busy intersection during rush hour and as a car was approaching him, it split perfectly in two, passed him, and rejoined the other half–insane laughter!!!! Now that’s funny–not this contrived, idiotic crap like “punked”.

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