Yes. He Went There.

Okay, Peter Singer. You have your outrageousness work cut out for you. Geoffrey Clarke, recently kicked out of the UK Independence Party, will see your views on the permissibility of killing disabled infants and raise you. He will change permissible to obligatory, and violate a woman’s autonomy in the process. That is, Clarke suggests compulsory abortions for pregnancies with chromosomal disorders or other disabilities.

Singer, do you call or fold?

Rose Woodhouse

Elizabeth Picciuto was born and reared on Long Island, and, as was the custom for the time and place, got a PhD in philosophy. She freelances, mainly about disability, but once in a while about yeti. Mother to three children, one of whom is disabled, two of whom have brown eyes, three of whom are reasonable cute, you do not want to get her started talking about gardening.


  1. Surely those aren’t his only options.

    The man has a chance to raise, no?!?!

  2. This is the difference between seeing the social safety net as meeting an obligation of society and seeing the social safety net as incurring obligations on the part of the members of society.

    I can’t help but wonder if the former morphing into the latter isn’t inevitable.

    • The next step being sterilization for members of the 47%, lest they create future generations who won’t take responsibility for themselves. Which is to say, some of us morphed long ago. At least for now it’s polite to make unconvincing denials of it.

      • Sterilization is harsh, don’t you think? We should at least do everything we can to make sure that they know that free contraception is available first…

        • I mean really. You guys are too timid here. You are letting a generation continue to take more than it puts in. Everybody must put in more than they take. Else they are killed. End of story.

  3. Yee-gads. I might not say it is morally black to kill a 6 month old child… But, hell and jeepers himself! It’d take something pretty fucking catastrophic to make me go there, and consider it moral.

  4. From a quick read of the article, it sounds like he wasn’t trying to make a serious argument for it a la Singer so much as find a very provocative way to highlight the impact of individual decisions on society as a whole in a socialized health care system. I suspect he could’ve found a more productive way to accomplish that.

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