Tim Horton’s, Anne Murray and a Canadian Civil War

I know there are some strong feelings about Tim Horton’s around here, and some even stronger feelings about Anne Murray (which I totally don’t understand). So, for all of you looking for cracks in the facade of Canadian unity, I give you Anne vs. Tim:

Legendary Canadian singer Anne Murray is trying to stop construction of a wind farm near her Pugwash, N.S., summer home and that’s put her at odds with another local success story.

Murray, 66, is a member of the Gulf Shore Preservation Society, which opposes the project. She said she shares the association’s concern that the environmental assessment for the project that the developer filed with the provincial Environment Department is incomplete.

That support apparently includes Ron Joyce, one of the founders of the Tim Hortons doughnut empire, who was born nearby and owns a luxury golf course and resort near Pugwash.

“I am aware of Anne’s ongoing negative comments on wind farms,” he said in an email to the National Post. “I personally am not a supporter of her argument. [T]he world is moving forward for a better source than fossil fuels…. I see no major negatives in countries that have them.”

Okay, fine. This isn’t really important. Go back to your day.

Jonathan McLeod

Jonathan McLeod is a writer living in Ottawa, Ontario. (That means Canada.) He spends too much time following local politics and writing about zoning issues. Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Anne would be forgotten if not for South Park; nobody really hates her, but the line from the song is too hilariously incongruous not to enjoy citing.

    Tim Hortons used to be my dearly beloved, but then–at least in the States–they consummated a relationship with ColdStone Creamery which somehow led to them eliminating not just my most favorite bagel, not just my second most favorite, but my first, second, and third most favorite bagels.

    So I’m rooting for Anne Murray, just out of spite.

    • Hey Hanley! I can’t find the comment where you asked this the other day, but I go to a lot of punk and rock shows in Hamilton, Ontario and occasionally Buffalo, NY. I’ve thought about going to some in Rochester and I have even been known to drive to Pittsburgh to see one of my favorite bands, the Mud City Manglers. So let me know if you’re near any of those.

      Incidentally, my garage punk band is playing our first show June 1st, which will mark the first time I’ve sung on stage in (a mind-boggling) 16 years.

      • Rufus,

        Thanks. I’m in SE Mich, so a bit far for me to travel, unfortunately. Hope your show goes well, I would truly love to be there.

  2. I agree with Anne these things are ugly. i was reading on other comments on other websites and they either hate her protesting either because of her financial status, for one thing she earned all that money so it was deserved, and as for her age if it wasn’t for the old people there would be no young people and also she saved the canadian music scene in the early seventies and if it hadn’t been for her there would be no jubo award shows and no Celine Dions or no music at all in canada so she has every right in the world to voice her opinion you don’t have to listen but she does deserve that right!!

  3. This is the problem with most urban zoning decisions. No one ever stops to think about how it will affect the celebrities.

  4. Pretty much any energy project anywhere is going to offend someone. We’d be making a lot more progress on alternative energy if it wasn’t for the environmentalists and nature-lovers opposing every new dam and wind energy project (and I won’t comment on nuclear due to lack of thorough understanding of the risk-benefit balance). Irony!

    • I’m with you there Katherine, watching the environmentalist movement eat itself on the question of power generation can be amusing or enraging depending on how concerned you are by AGW. It’s like most environmentalists honestly think a modern power grid can be powered by one twirly windmill off in a remote corner where no one lives, moonbeams and unicorn farts.

      • FWIW, a lot of wind runs through them mountains.
        I happen to think windfarms look pretty, but that’s just me.

        Our local paper ran something on Phillipi, WV, where they’re starting to put in solar — a ministry’s doing a “pay back, pay forward” for charity.

  5. Ecch, he who is old enough and knows Canada well enough will remember Tim Horton and that whole exceedingly odd and tragic story.

    • I don’t know Canada that well, but I’m a life-long hockey fan who is just barely old enough to know the story.

  6. Boy, I’m torn on this one. Ron is my first cousin, but Anne’s dad was my mom’s doctor! I’ve never met Ron (we’re the poor cousins literally).

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