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Ottawa-based band, Orienteers, have a blog post featured by The DIY Daily with tips on do-it-yourself recording:

I’ve been doing the DIY recording thing for 15+ years, and many of my efforts were good enough for commercial radio, TV and film.  Hell, even a 4-track recording I made years ago charted in the top 10 on college radio nationally. There’s no magic secret to these things other than recording practice, a few decent mics and capturing great takes. When I think about it, though, there hasn’t been one single place to find the tricks and tips that have really helped along the way – they’re scattered around the information super-blackhole, and some are totally inappropriate (for example, I love Pantera, but I don’t need their kick drum sound).

 And, since it’s Friday, here’s the video for ‘walking song’:


*Naming convention courtesy Jaybird.

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