Canadian Content, Bleeding Heart Libertarians edition

You know, I kind of hate Rush. I’m sure they’re nice enough guys (though I’ve heard an anecdote of Neil Peart being a real jerk). Nonetheless, I thought this Rolling Stone interview might interest some (H/T: Peter Jaworski):

For me, it was an affirmation that it’s all right to totally believe in something and live for it and not compromise. It was a simple as that. On that 2112 album, again, I was in my early twenties. I was a kid. Now I call myself a bleeding heart libertarian. Because I do believe in the principles of Libertarianism as an ideal – because I’m an idealist. Paul Theroux’s definition of a cynic is a disappointed idealist. So as you go through past your twenties, your idealism is going to be disappointed many many times. And so, I’ve brought my view and also – I’ve just realized this – Libertarianism as I understood it was very good and pure and we’re all going to be successful and generous to the less fortunate and it was, to me, not dark or cynical. But then I soon saw, of course, the way that it gets twisted by the flaws of humanity. And that’s when I evolve now into . . . a bleeding heart Libertarian. That’ll do.

Not that Rush has always shown a lot of love to prominent Libertarians. Just ask Rand Paul (right, Mr. Payne?).

Anyhoo, as I said, I’ve always kind of hated Rush, but I had two close friends in high school who were fiends. This forced me to try to like any – any – Rush song. The only one I could ever latch on to was Animate:


And, in retrospect, it kind of sucks, too.

Jonathan McLeod

Jonathan McLeod is a writer living in Ottawa, Ontario. (That means Canada.) He spends too much time following local politics and writing about zoning issues. Follow him on Twitter.


    • Jesse Pinkman is a commenter here? HOLY CRAP!

  1. What the hell is your point? Please go back to listening to Nickelback and/or Carly Rae Jepsen. What a bloody idiot.

    • Yeah, I didn’t really have a point, just an intention – which was to highlight an interview with Neil Peart, especially the political part, because people might enjoy it.

      I figured I’d throw in a video for the hell of it.

      • A thoughtful, open-ended post, and the first responses are that you’re a douchebag, bitch, and idiot? God bless the internets, eh?

  2. You’re opinion is wrong. Please never open your mouth to speak about things that are clearly over your small little narrow-minded head again. You’re bad and you should feel bad.

  3. Dude… You’re friends were trying to do you a favor, and you were too stupid to take advantage of it… You kept listening to crap like Nickelback, or Creed. Or perhaps Duran Duran was more your style.

    Either way, I’m sure your friends finally realized you were an idiot and left you to your Pet Shop Boys CD’s, while they went on to rule the world, listening to Rush.

    • Excuse me Mike are you saying a RUSH fan cant be a fan of Creed or Nickel back? What did they do to offend you? I listen to both of them. with Duran Duran thrown in too. My musical interests are diverse. Its called having an open mind.

      • i would totally take call me maybe over anything by rush.

        more seriously, why do we look to entertainers for political thoughts, yet never ask political scientists their thoughts on the best records of the year? i think that’s more than a little unfair.

    • I’m right here with you, dude. I was going to write a comment about how “good music” is automatically “libertarian” and “bad music” is “statist” but before I came up with a proper punchline, I realized that the main thing it lacked was earnestness.

      And I will not be able to top anything you’ve already inspired.

      • True enough.
        But, to my knowledge, McLeod isn’t even screwing a basketball player, or hawking a line of make-up– although I’m sure that if Mr. McLeod wanted to do either of those things, he would excel fantastically. It’s just that he currently isn’t (to my knowledge).

        For my part, I want to leave a hate-filled comment about giving honorable mention to a post-Exit… Stage Left tune. WTF?!?!? Anyone that would listen to Rush after that worthless crap on Signals maybe needs a whole long line of hate-filled comment thread.

        Except that there were a couple of good songs on Hold Your Fire.
        And then one on Vapour Trails.
        But other than that.

        I was worth reading the thread just for the line:
        You’re bad and you should feel bad.
        That would make a great chorus. That’s a song that really needs to be written.

  4. As the smart people above have stated, you are an idiot, you have no point and clearly no taste. Why even take the time to compose such a moronic piece of stink? You are a waste of flesh and time. Thank goodness this will be the only time I will write about something that I hate, your article. Get a clue, imbecile. And in close, I am willing to bet the fool doesn’t listen to any music, he is not that cool.

  5. Huh…. Jonathan McLeod must be Jann Wenner’s pseudonym…. Either way, both names are next to “Douche-bag” in the dictionary.

  6. Wow im not sure what the point was of all this except maybe your a attention whore and realized that insulting Rush one of the greatest and most respected bands on Earth might get you some attention. Although your article is flawed and has no point. Ive always stated that Rush fans have a higher IQ and people who dont get there music its ok your IQ is just not quite up there. I see you are one of those people, try hooked on phonics its worked for alot of people i hear.

  7. Check out his Twitter account, there isn’t an ounce of substance there either. Judging from his picture I can only surmise he still lives with his mother as his posts are infantile. He would be more successful as a Slurpee jockey than any kind of writer.

  8. You know, I kind of hate Rush.
    Who doesn’t?

    I’m sure they’re nice enough guys
    Oh, that Rush.

  9. Hey Johnny…please don’t write about things you don’t understand. I am sure you have better things to do then insult a band known for its musical virtuosity and humble integrity; a band respected the world over and a band who have and continue to influence musicians all over the world. Stick to blogging for your two fans – one being yourslef – in the CCD’s the Commons. And please never ever use the ‘word’ anyhoo again. You are a supposed journalist – or jerkalist – I can’t decide as of yet.

    • Thanks for the adivce, Jack. I was perhaps a tad over-the-top.

      But don’t worry, I don’t even consider myself a journalist.

  10. I wouldn’t worry, this guy is so irrelevant, that this appears to be the only blog post he wrote to have any comments (i.e., somebody actually take interest and read), his parent side (The League of Ordinary Gentlemen … doesn’t even have his post, or his name, listed anywhere to be found. I bet this is the most excitement this guy has ever seen … LOL.

    I think he just needs to was his vagina and all will be ok again with the world.

  11. Oh, my GOD! Really? These comments are sincere?!???!?!?

    They must be ironic. They have to be ironic. I can’t believe we live in a world in which people would get so exercised because someone doesn’t like Rush.

    Wow. I… wow. These comments are almost as unhinged as the ones I get when I posted about chronic Lyme disease.

    *adds “criticize Rush” right under “advocate circumcision” on list of sure-fire ways to increase site traffic*

    • I was thinking about you guys and the circumcision, attachment parenting and homebirthing threads. I really did not expect this (though, in retrospect, I was a little too harsh in my langague – I guess because I hadn’t washed my vagina).

      • Too harsh? Where? Nothing bespeaks “improper vaginal hygiene” to me, but what the hell do I know? I legitimately like the Pet Shop Boys, which apparently means I need to go tidy up my vagina, as well.

        And congratulations on hitting Teh Crazy big-leagues. Though I won’t really be impressed until someone compares you to a Nazi, which (given how things are already headed) should only be a matter of time.

        • Saying a song “sucks” isn’t really the height of discourse. I think I was just disappointed that upon listening to a song I genuinely enjoyed in high school, I really didn’t like it (wasn’t that a Stupid Tuesday Question, once?).

          • You’re a Nazi. There… Now your day is complete. 🙂

          • I dunno. Seems forced. When I got compared to Josef Mengele (which, as you can imagine, warmed my half-Jewish gay heart right through), I felt like the guy really meant it.

          • Oh my goodness, thank heaven Russell just texted me that I had to check out this comment thread. This is seriously awesome. I thought at first they weren’t serious, too. Now. At Blinded Trials, we got some vicious comments. But we actually wrote on issues of some moral weight. Not…an opinion of a band. The proportion of outrage to justification for the outrage is waaaaaay higher!

            And, I must say, that every fishin boyfriend of mine in high school made me listen to Rush, and I am so so not into them.

            And their sunset may be upon us. I mentioned while teaching a class that whenever I teach on free will, the Rush song Free Will goes through my head. Not only had they never heard of Rush. They looked at me as if I had just said that it made me want to dance the jitterbug.

          • Rose- why are you stupid. I bet your boufriends breaked up with you because you stupid and hate Rush even thought the are he best band ever according to peopels who aren’t stupid. What is your point.

    • I wonder how the trollish Rush-defenders know how to separate deviation from their party line from criticism of Rush Limbaugh.

    • Ah fellow “Gentleman” to the rescue of his pal. You guys are getting all excited about the amount of activity, we might be overloading your server.

      • Please don’t get me all excited about how much traffic you awesome commenters are generating. I just got done cleaning my vagina.

    • How did they all find this thread? I can kind of see people having alerts set for “Circumcision” or “Home birthing”, but “Rush”? The false positives would be overwhelming.

      • True story: in 2001, I once wrote a critical review of a Collective Soul Greatest Hits album. Within hours, my home phone number had been posted on the band’s website and I was receiving threatening phone calls from the band’s fans, each saying, “How dare you write that Collective Soul’s Greatest Hits album should have been a cassingle?”

        People are out there, just waiting, like Jaws, only not sharks, or cool, or necessary.

        • “How dare you write that Collective Soul’s Greatest Hits album should have been a cassingle?”

          I have been laughing literally non-stop since I read this, and can barely type.

          • “How dare you write that Collective Soul’s Greatest Hits album should have been a cassingle?”

            i’m working this into every conversation i have from now until i die.

  12. Hey there are Conservatives who listen to RUSH Im one have been a fan since 78. Didnt think too much about your opinion. The new album kicks tail. Hope the get a Grammy maybe. Most critics Ive read have been wrong when they’ve knocked Rush’s music.

    • Most definitely; Rush has a ton of support across the political spectrum. Whatever politics they may have infused into their lyrics, they’ve certainly written them well-enough that they don’t come of as hackneyed political manifestos. I don’t see any reason that Rush should or should not be liked based on politics.

      I should probably make clear that when I express my distaste for Rush, it is merely that. I have no delusions about their skill. I’m not a fan of their type of music, but they execute it well.

      I haven’t heard anything from a new album, but maybe it would change my mind.

      • It used to scare me to think that Geddy Lee was the guy that was the best singer in the band.
        A couple of hits of acid will help you believe that he’s a decent vocalist.

  13. Jonathan –

    I have no idea if we agree on anything, politically or otherwise, but I stand behind you on this 100 percent, not because we’re fellow Ordinary Gentlemen, but because Rush DOES suck and I hate it when my ears bleed.

      • There’s a special carve out in my endorsement of art’s subjectivity for Rush, a band which is obviously the worst thing ever.

        • Worst thing ever? At least Jonathan is willing to concede that RUSH are great musicians. RUSH are a Canadian musical gift to the world. They are respected around the world for their talent. I am curious to know what doesn’t make your ears bleed. The worst thing ever is ignorance…guess where you fit it?! Once again, don’t comment about what you don’t understand.

          • To understand Rush is to worship them with cult-like devotion. Got it. Thanks for the tip.

          • Sam,

            Great musicians from around the world hold RUSH in high esteem. Not saying that you have to but the only atrocity being committed here is your myopic view.

          • Jack,

            If great musicians from around the world enjoying listening to terrible “music,” then that is their problem, not mine.

        • “There’s a special carve out in my endorsement of art’s subjectivity for Rush, a band which is obviously the worst thing ever.”

          no, that’s the decemberists.

  14. The biggest thing I got out of your article is that you think that Neil Peart and Rand Paul are the same because they both claim to be libertarian — and that you apparently don’t know much about either of them, or you wouldn’t have suggested they have the same views.

    Rand Paul isn’t much of a libertarian. Rand Paul, for instance, is pro life. Most libertarians are pro choice. Rand Paul is against gay marriage. Most libertarians are for it or would at least allow it. Rand Paul supports keeping open the detention camp at Gitmo, and there is nothing libertarian about that. I don’t know what Neil Peart’s positions are on those issues, but he isn’t a Senator or a member of Parliament, so unless he goes all Ted Nugent, I don’t really care.

    Finally, Neil Peart has had evolving views over the years. I believe the RS interview reflects that. Indeed, the precious few interviews he’s given over the years reflect that. Otherwise, Neil speaks though his lyrics. That doesn’t make him a jerk. He’s just not an extrovert. If I ever saw him in a public place, I wouldn’t approach him or ask him for his autograph. I’d just leave him be. I know that’s how he’d want it.

    As for Rush sucking and hating on Rush, we tend to mock that which we don’t understand. Stick to what you know. If you don’t like the music, that’s no crime. But there’s already enough hate in the world.

    • Michael, the only reason I really brought up the Rand Paul thing (who is, at least, generally considered a libertarian) is to highlight a post written by a beloved former contributor to The League, Scott Payne. But, you’re right, Paul and Peart aren’t the same and I didn’t mean to suggest they were.

      Peart does talk about his changing views on politics in that Rolling Stone interview; that’s part of the reason I linked to it (but I thought it would have been too much of a give away to excerpt all the political stuff).

      The “jerk” comment is from an anecdote I heard many years ago that I won’t repeat because I don’t know how true it is. I’ll stick by my assumption that they’re nice guys until I learn otherwise.

      And, you’re right; there is too much hate in this world. I probably shouldn’t be so loose with the word.

  15. Hey Jonathan You Tube has the complete Clockwork Angel album by all means take a listen you wont be dissapointed.

  16. You’re lucky muslims aren’t Rush fans.. otherwise you’d have just f***ed all of Canada. It’s ok though, I’d be grouchy too if I never got laid

  17. No. Rush is awesome, and way better than the crap today, if you wanna compare it like that.
    And after 40 years, you gotta give them some appreciaton.

      • What’s wrong with you, man? Keep your opinion to yourself. Why the need to go blurting it out online? What’s your goal, to get angry replies so that you can sit at your computer all day long arguing with people? You need to understand that not only do you not even have a reason to hate these guys, you are missing out on amazing music. And I saw that you said you didn’t like their music – what music DO you like? Because Rush has done almost everything. Unless you’re in love with the obvious Justin Bieber or One Direction, give an actual reason why you don’t like Rush.

        • Actually, I thought this would get mostly ignored. I had no intention to get into arguments at all; I have no idea how so many people found this little site. (My goal was just to link to the Rolling Stone article and offer a video – I just tend to write things in narratives, at times.)

          When I started this blog, I said I’d take requests from readers. So, when I have a chance, I’ll try to offer up a more rational critique than “sucks”.

          • One person saw it, and posted it to a “Rush Fan” site… You’re servers are getting hammered now, no doubt. I think you’ll find out how many Rush fans there are…

            I’m guessing 211,221,122,112, give or take a few.

          • Jonathan you may have to shut down this blog there are alot more than 2112 Rush fans out there. and by the way rebutting your opinion isnt argueing. I got this feed From the Rush is a Band Page that I suscribe to on Facebook. Never have heard of you guys before now

          • Necromancer, I was just responding to BJS, who asked if my goal was to get angry replies and then argue. That certainly wasn’t my goal.

            I think it’s fair to say that some Rush fans have sought to argue, some just wanted to yell, and some have had a discussion. You know, that’s probably better than I’d get from the fans of most other bands.

        • What’s wrong with you, man? Keep your opinion to yourself.

          Be just the opposite of every single other person on the internet!

          • Some people all they want to do is argue. they get off doing that. Ru
            sh Fans have more class that. I respect your opions although we can agree to disagree like Gentleman. “Those who know what’s best for us,must rise and save us from ourselves.” Witch Hunt,Rush

          • Ru
            sh Fans have more class that.

            In what alternate universe could anyone read this comment thread and conclude Rush fans have class?

          • Reading the comments, you can tell the difference between the American Rush fans and the Canadian ones.

            The Canadian ones are more polite and metric.

          • Rush is real beauty, eh? You don’t get what their music is all aboot. Give it another try, and don’t be such a hoser.

            Sorry to be so brutal, but this really rattles me.

  18. I’m A fan of RUSH’s Music not thier political views. If you dont like the band others are entitled to thier own opinion. Have you seen Beyond the Lighted Stage? The Movie that came out last year? If you really want to find out about the band. Its a well done movie and very comprehensive.

      • I’m just irritated because, if I had any Rush-level prejudices at all, it’d be that the band appealled to a smarter audience than, say, (I have put six different bands in here and each time I had visions of those people showing up and saying “HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT (BAND)?” and I’m not in the mood to read commends from people defending (band)).

        But, seriously, these are (band)-level comments rather than Rush-level comments.

        • It seems kind of self-falsifying, doesn’t it?
          If it’s true that Rush appeals to a more intelligent audience, that intelligent portion of the audience, at least, has more sense than to Rush onto this thread to comment.

          I used to be a huge Rush fan back in the day. It was through learning “Hemispheres” (the whole damned thing) that I taught myself to play guitar. Took me about a year to learn it all.
          And there are a few things that I still like to play. “Beneath, Between, & Behind” is a cool piece, because the chords to that opening riff are played on non-adjacent strings, a 6th apart. The 7/8 single-note riff from “Xanadu” has long been one of my warm-up pieces. “Tears” is pretty cool, because that opening riff is an open C chord slid up the neck to where the first finger is on the 6th fret. “In the End” has been a favorite to play for many years.

          But I can’t bring myself to align with people that would confuse preference and character. That’s a fairly basic misinterpretation.
          Makes me wonder if they might have missed the message in the words.
          Crazy stuff.

  19. Man, I really need to get on my trolls to step it up. Jonathan’s trolls are really making them look shoddy.

      • Yep it’s real. Real ordinary, kinda like this site and its bloggers. Back into obscurity with you all tomorrow.

        Bloggers are writers who can’t … write.

        • I was going to engage in a discussion on health care, government recognition of gay marriage, Batman, and theology but I saw the opinion that they had about Rush and, man, screw them.

  20. I love how the bloggers of all have difficulty thinking this is real. This is like a very low comment collection for a real place like CNN, so for this place, this must be like Christmas.

    But alas, tomorrow will come and whilst we all move on with our lives they’ll be blogging about all this commotion … trying to keep the magic coming (I’m sure they’ll help each other out with comment posts, like they are now with their disbelief).

    Scrub those vaginas boys!

    • Oh, Glenn, you charmer. We’ve had far more interest around here than you lot. I think we just can’t believe that anyone could be this frothingly incoherent and grandiose about Rush.

      • Actually the arguments I’ve seen are quite coherent, and nothing grandiose about a band being around for 38 years with the same members, having no great public PR machine or mass appeal (e.g., radio), and be as lengendary as Rush. Sorry.

        Now as for you guys, believe me when I tell you it’s you guys, and like 20 trolls who probably fight back and forth about issues ranging from man grooming to the First Lady’s white heritage.

        The Rush fans you see today came here to express their dismay at the bloggers hatred for Rush, and gasped in his inability to articulate why … in writing … of a blog. Seems ironic no? As for me, a small part of the appeal of Rush is just this aspect, that many others dislike them, that they are not mainstream, but have survived because of people like me.

        All the best, off to Ohio to teach. Also if you’re interested in actual good writing, and writing about vagina’s, start here:

        • Glenn,

          You’ll excuse me if I’m not entirely ready to purchase your narrative of Rush: just a small garage band from Canada, barely scraping by on 25-40 million records sold, most consecutive gold and platinum records released after The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, etc.

          • Whose Current Album Hit Billboard’s Chart At #2 in the Us not bad for a band nobody likes.

          • That’s ok, by the looks of you and your garb, you’ll only swallow manly things … like oxen testicals.

          • Glenn,

            Testicles. As in, “I swallow oxen testicles.” Or maybe testicals is the Canadian spelling?

        • That is an interesting apostrophe. I can’t help but wonder who Vagina is, and what belongs to her.

          • Obviously Vagina is one of the unwashed masses.

          • Haha, the spelling and grammar police are out in force. That’s usually what happens when you have no argument, attack the spelling/grammar of the other person. 🙂

        • Glenn, I wasn’t intending to write a critique about Rush. I was just linking to the Rolling Stone article – which is the sort of thing I do all the time on this blog; it’s part of its mission –
          I just decided to add something personal as an intro and a bridge to the video.

          Hell, shouldn’t I get some credit for embedding a video of a song and band I don’t even enjoy?

          • I’ll give you credit for not liking them, music is very subjective. However, I think what people are reacting to is there seems to be no apparent reason for not liking them, at least nothing you articulated past Neil Peart’s political leanings and heresay jerkiness.

            You’re a writer, articulate a salient argument at least.

          • Thanks Glenn, I certainly gave no reason for not liking them, certainly (and nothing about Neil Peart, whether unfounded anecdote or Rolling Stone interview, affects that). As I mentioned higher up in the thread, I might try write a more substantive post about Rush in the near future, but that’ll have to wait. For now, I was just noting the interview (and linking to a former contributor’s post) because I thought some people who may not have seen it might like to read it.

          • Yes, well what happened is the band just came out with a new album (as an aside actually one of their best), and you caught the attention of a very popular Rush fansite. I’m sure the owner of that website googles “Rush” daily as reviews are still coming out of the album. This has been quite a news worthy few months for the band as this is their first album in 5 years.

            So you got caught in the vortex of Rush fans uniting over your blog post. What you’re really catching is a reaction to a common sentiment felt by many who don’t like Rush, the word hate is thrown around and, in my opinion, some people who love Rush are quick to react and defend a band who has given them so much in 38 years (in terms of music).

            I’m just glad a couple of my postings have resonated with your fellow ordinary men as I see the one guy can’t stop washing his vagina and the other one can’t stop typing about his love of oxen testicles in different blogs on this site … yes “testicles” (see I’m not in a rush to post due to having to get on a plane, I can take the time to spell properly).

            Anywho, best of luck with the blog and the writing. Before you post again about Rush, give the new album a listen, and not just one. 🙂

      • I dont listen to Rush for spiritual enlightenment I turn to God for that.What kind of music you listen to has nothing to do with how good a Human being one is or isnt. I find that most amusing

  21. Epic concern troll fest about Rush really? Really? Can the Rush fans really not handle a simple dislike of their precious band. Shouldn’t Rush fans be old enough that they shouldn’t be bothered by this – heck I quit listening to them in Jr High. This thread is hysterical.

    • I have no problem its your right to not like them. Ive been a fan for 34 years and have heard alot of negativity towards the band does it bother me no. there are other presssing issues in this world that do.

      • Except that this thread reads very differently than Rush fans don’t care that random dude on Internet dislikes their band don’t you think?

  22. If you watch him closely, you realize that Neil Peart only uses three drums, one cymbal, and a high-hat.

    • Plus electronic drums. He is definately one of the best Phil Collins is up there with him

  23. Silly article by a silly person looking for attention. There is no point to the article or his opinion. Hey, everyone has a right to like or dislike any kind of music. Its the ones that go out of their way to write pointless articles that qualify as assholes. Congratulations Mr. McLeod… you qualify.

    • Nothing says “I’m not giving this guy any attention!” like commenting on his article.

      • Sam,

        I didn’t say he wasn’t going to succeed in his quest to get attention, i merely pointed out why he makes such ridiculous comments. I don’t mind giving him attention if its to tell him what an ass he is. if he likes that then he’s even a bigger ass than originally thought.

    • Good one Kugel. What a great album. Can’t wait to see it live with orchestra when they come to my town in the fall.

  24. Things are starting to slow down so I will say that I find Rush’s lead vocal about as thrilling as Mr. BP finds Dylan’s.

  25. This is probably just another weak writer who is trying to make a name for himself. He obviously does not understand a thing, why bring this to his attention? He will be washing dishes again soon.

    • This is probably just another weak writer who is trying to make a name for himself.

      Because nothing leads to fame and fortune like mild criticism of an obscure band. Watch now:

      The Troggs are not my favorites!

      Pulitzer prize, here I come.

  26. Wow. I’m a rush fan, and I’m sorry for the way some other fans are treating you.

    Your option should be respected.


  27. The moron who wrote the review aside for a moment, as a long-time RUSH fan I have to say that this new album is far more impressive than I ever thought they could produce at this time in their careers. There are a few A+ albums in their discography that can’t be touched but once we set those aside as the elite, I believe Clockwork Angels appears high on the list of next best RUSH albums. This is just really well done and adding strings is great and should be amazing live. Rather than allowing the writer here to generate more attention to his silly comments, how about turn this into a list of favorite songs off the new album. I’d be interested in what other RUSH fans rank as best on the new album. The two songs that sit atop my list all alone are “The Garden” and “The Wreckers.” If we are talking top three I’d say I have to list two tied for third with “Headlong Flight” and B2BU. Anyone else have their top three?

      • “Review”. “Opinion”. “Moronic statement”.
        Whatever you would like to call your ignorance at the beginning of this page.

        • I wouldn’t throw around the word, ‘moronic’, if I couldn’t tell the difference between a quick blog post and an actual review.

          • I am not throwing it around. It went directly up your ass. “Blog post” is very much a relative term that has and can consist of three words or 300. Regardless of the term you give it, you’re an ass. Is that clear enough? I will say that i am most curious to hear your top 3 bands of all time in regard to pure talent and likability. Let me guess… Pantera, Rob Zombie and The Beastie Boys. Am I close dickhead?

  28. How do you “kind of” hate something? What a fool!

    • it’s like a food you rarely come across, only to be reminded that you find it disgusting.

  29. And ranking third behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in number of gold albums(plus surviving nearly 40 years with the same lineup) counts for what in your world. Sheesh–reminds me of why i despise libertarians. Go Romney!

    • Wins he thread. Hands down.

      Which is a pretty fishing space awesome accomplishment, considering.

      • After reading this thread, I am going to make it my personal mission to use the phrase “space awesome” at every opportunity.

  30. “Rush Never Sleeps” – Tod, you do realize of course that Neil’s album is “Rust Never Sleeps”, right? I am assuming your post was an attempt at a clever variation but what i don’t get is… whats your point????

  31. Yesterday I found these funny. Today I find them upsetting. The amount of vitriol (and sometimes sexist vitriol) surprised me. I have stopped reading comments on all sites except tiny blogs a while ago, and I’d forgotten how they can get. And Jonathan is so admirably patient!

    I think I need to try and find them funny again.

    • Personally, I’m finding the suppositions regarding Jon’s preferred musical selections hilarious. As if I could ever marry a man who listens to Nickelback or Creed or Rob Zombie!

      • Okay, that cheers me up! And I just mentioned this thread to my husband, and he said, “Well, Rush is awesome.” I’m doomed.

        • True story: on like our third date, we’re standing in the front hall of my mother’s place and Jon looks at me, very seriously, and apropos of nothing asks, “Do you like Rush?” To which I reply, “Uh…I’m not sure,” because – not being a fan or particularly into classic rock I can’t immediately think of a Rush song. He names a few, to which I reply, “Oh, ok: no, not really,” and he heaves a big sigh of relief.

  32. This is just bizarre.

    And I say that as a Rush fan.

    • I’m thinking it might be the guys from Rush doing this to make it look like they have more fans.

    • Do you guys just continue to make stupid irrelevant posts after a thread is dead just to see your names online? You’ve made morons of yourselves throughout

        • Jonathan, Jim, you’re both right. Sometimes it takes having someone else point it out to me. I am forced to admit that I love seeing my pseudonym in pixels. This unwarranted pride has led me to espouse opinions on aesthetics and etiquette that I now see are faulty.

          I am put in mind of Darcy’s words in Pride and Prejudice: “I perfectly comprehend your feelings, and have now only to be ashamed of what my own have been. Forgive me for having taken up so much of your time, and accept my best wishes for your health and happiness.”

      • RussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaundersRussellSaunders

        So, so satisfying. I… I can’t stop myself.



        • Somebody has way too much time on thier hands. If you dislike the band so much why are you hanging around here?

          • Somebody has way too much time on thier hands.

            No arguments here, my friend.

            If you dislike the band so much why are you hanging around here?

            I don’t have an opinion about the band whatsoever. It’s not the kind of music I enjoy much, but I don’t really have any feelings beyond that.

            I’m hanging around here because this thread is hilarious.

  33. Neil Peart’s life’s work is to be respected not bashed. Anyone’s life’s work is. He is self taught because he learned and read on his own instead of being in a high school or college, yes. But he’s a hard working talented drummer, he knows a lot about a lot of things, and he’s a great writer. He uses a rhyming dictionary and he IS a walking dictionary. Neil is like a one in a million in the music world. There’s nobody like Neil Peart. There’s nobody like you or me either. But step back and respect Neil’s efforts and hard work. I started drumming at 2 and by 5 heard Rush songs. I’m 41 and still love Rush songs and drums, so nothing has changed. But I am glad you’re impressed with Animate – cause that’s one of Neil’s favorites he wrote. It took a lot of work and its inspired by Carl Jung – the male and female energy inside every human. Its thought out. Neil’s a thinker social psychologist and “this is what bothers me in my mind and is wrong with the world” kind of writer. Neil has been drumming for 47 years and at almost age 60 he still has drum teachers. He works hard, has integrity, tries his best to play drums well and write well, and I think he’s talented at both, and so now, many people do enjoy Neil and Rush. Why? Because they have a lot to offer and they work hard and I hear are very nice regular people. In rock and roll, longevity like theirs is rare. Neil wrote”I’m old enough not to care too much about what you think of me – and The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect hard to earn and easily burned.” Well, you easily burned him because your thoughts and words are powerful. Rethink a life like Neil Peart’s life! from, Ian.

    • Yes, Ian, as I’ve noted above (and I don’t expect anyone to read through all the comments), Rush’s longevity and their talent should be commended. I don’t like their music, but I won’t try to diminish their hard work.

  34. Its OK not to like Rush (Says a Rush fan), recently Stewart Copland (Drummer for the Police, and newest best buddy of Neil Peart) commented that he was never really a “Rush fan” and that Neil (Who happens to be a huge Police fan) was OK with that, because Neil is a rational thinking person who understands that not everyone will like their/his music, however; I am curious if you (Jonathan) had the opportunity to listen to any of the “new” Rush tunes and what you think.

    • You’re right. Peart is insanely talented, and it is commendable that he still feels he needs to work on his craft. I certainly don’t want to take anything away from him in that respect.

      I have not had a chance to listen to the new album, but I after this thread, I feel I should give it a listen. That’ll probably happen next week.

  35. All that we can do is wish you well! All Rush fans should! And I mean that!

    And to an ordinary gentleman, you’re an ordinary gentleman. But to us, you’re no ordinary gentleman!

    Kugel, play something nice!

  36. Rush is to be respected. Regardless of what you think of their music. They started (officially)in 1974 in Canada and were never given the time of day by the “music industry” and could not break into the US market and were about to give up. At that moment, they decided to say “F” all these “bureaucrats” (or record executives) and simply do it their own way! That was 2112 and IT WON!!!

    They PREVAILED despite the “private bureaucracy” that impeded them. Many musicians (including myself) RESPECT them and rightfully so. They’ve played in front of audiences across the world every year since 1974 except from mid-1996 to mid-2002: BECAUSE the drummer (Neil Peart) lost his daughter in a fatal car crash and her mother to cancer 6-mos later. Neil Peart is the best drummer in the world today and has been for decades – look it up!.

    I listen to Hannity everyday on my way home from work (I’d listen to Baltimore’s Ron Smith; but he died a few months back). I’m fiscally conservative but I AM NOT a “Fiscal Conservative” as that term is chracterized by the left. I am neither extreme left nor right; but I am conservative (also NOT in ways characterized by the left).

    The first guy was right – you are a douche-bag. I was anyway… but I AM voting ROMNEY!

    Long Live RUSH!

    • It’s a great world in which folks who write like this can still manage to drive, hold a job, and even cast a vote.

      • Not to mention, be a soldier and fight for our country and the rights of everyone in it to take for granted every day the right to speak thier minds w/o fear of reprisal from a fascist regime as I have.

        • Whom did you fight to protect my rights? Perhaps I missed the news, but I didn’t realize the U.S. had been invaded by any country trying to take away my free speech rights.

        • BTW, I never said anyone had to like RUSH’s music. I only suggested one should “respect them” for their ability to beat the odds and the “system.” That’s the obvious “gist” of my post. But you obviously have no truths to stand on. An adult would use logic instead of regressing to such lowly tactics as you have in behaving like a child, in a seudo-intellectual way. Probably even believing that it goes over my head. That’s called Arrogance. I don’t really care what a person like you thinks. You’re merely grasping at straws. You just want to “classify” everyone that doesn’t agree with you. I feel sorry for you. Ooh… I made a typo or two in my first post. I must be a “moron”… coundn’t be the end of a long couple of days and a beer later… Sorry, I sunk to your lowly level for a second there. Whoops, I almost devolved!

          • Unclass,

            Everything you’ve written here is “gold.” Don’t let “anybody” tell you different.

          • Well, you slipped that “who did you fight” in while I was composing the last. That obviously means you have no clue about history and the dangers of repeating it if you don’t know history. I used to not appreciate history. I have no time for you.

          • What makes you think I disagree with you? Although they’re not my style, I respect Rush. It’s people who hop on dead posts and make strange rants with random capitalization that don’t get my respect.

            But truthfully, I do respect your service to our country, wherever it was you served. But please don’t claim you were fighting for my freedom because no foreign country is actually threatening it.

    • They’d never have been able to make those songs without the roads and other infrastructure provided by the government.

  37. How, HOW did I manage to miss this thread? It’s like a glossary of anti-troll weaponry and a virtual wellspring of new site catchphrases and memes.

    • Wash your vagina, get my quotes right.

      And Jonathan, if this is one of your greatest achievements, I’m feeling very sad for you right now. That statement really made feel sorry for you from one writer to another.

      • Ain’t it interesting how the default insult tactic is still to say of a man that they’re female? Why, it’s as if women are still unjustly considered the lesser of the species or something…

        If it wasn’t for vagina none of us would be here.

        • Haha, so it is correct. Then I correct my misspelling. If only this blog had the ability to edit, and when people resort to being the spelling/grammar police it usually means all arguments have been depleted.

          And no the statement is not about misogyny, it’s about juxtaposition. You see men don’t have vagina’s, thus the intent of the joke. Don’t be a douchebag.

          Finally, Jonathan, if this is your claim to fame, it’s a very sad claim indeed. A bunch of Rush fans picking on you, and then you and your co-bloggers picking on the Rush fans. Maybe you could write a book about this, or at least an essay.

          But if you do make an essay out of it, make sure it’s a funny essay:

          or a funny and self depricating essay:

          or you could go the route of Poem, either long or short:

          Either way, do more than just having THIS be your claim to fame.

      • Sorry to say, Glenn, that the quote is actually “I think he just needs to was his vagina and all will be ok again with the world.” I know you meant to say “wash,” but “was” is ever so much funnier.

        And as one writer to another, perhaps you might find a dictionary lying about and acquaint yourself with the notion of “irony.”

        • See my reply above grammar police occifer.

          The only thing funny is this blog does not have the ability to edit, and sometimes when I write something and check it, I see what I intended to write not what was written (I’m sure that never happens to you, but it does to me). Thus this is how my major crime of leaving the “h” out came about. I’m a huge fan of the ability to edit because I can come back after a while with a fresh look on old content and see the mistake. However, what I tend to do is rely my professional (i.e., my paid editor) and amateur (i.e., my wife)editors to do what I obviously can’t. 🙂

    • Vagina makes the world go ’round. I’m a firm believer that the power of women clearly outweighs the power of men. Take birth as just one example. If men were to have babies one of two things would have happened: 1) we would have been extinct as a species around the mid 1700’s; or 2) epidural anesthesia would have been invented around 200 B.C.

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